Life, much like hair, is about growth.
At TELETIES, we believe in the continued journey to becoming your best self, centered on good health and a giving spirit.

Our Story

Every friendship has a beginning. Ours kicked off as young girls on the soccer field, where we relished in collaborating as a team and expending all our energy on the field. Fast forward a few decades, after 15+ years of experience in the retail industry between us, the definition of running around has changed—prioritizing fitness has not.

Committed to a healthy lifestyle, staying active is not only important to us, but a way of life—and something we cannot live without. For Liz, who was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2015, good health isn’t just a priority, it’s a must.

Liz & Lindsay Yoga

In our quest for total well-being, it dawned on us that a key element was missing in our desire for stylish athleisure: a super cute, functional hair tie that stayed accessible on our wrists without looking so, well, hair tie-ish.

Our epiphany led us on a mission to create the perfect go-to hair accessory: an all-in-one hair tie that doubled as a stackable bracelet when it wasn’t “holding it together” in our hair. But they couldn’t just be aesthetically pleasing. These hair ties needed to be as capable and multitasking as the women wearing them. We believe that no girl or woman should have to deal with the hassle of flimsy hair ties that break on a whim and collect germs. So in 2011, we designed our antibacterial/waterproof TELETIES to stretch as far as you need them, with a strong, yet gentle grip that won’t damage your hair or cause headaches.

But there’s more. We were determined to link these trendy, feel-good ties to a deserving cause. Much of Liz’s battles with Lyme disease is because there is no cure...or even a reliable path to an accurate diagnosis—Liz herself suffered for three years before she was accurately diagnosed. Teaming up with the Global Lyme Alliance, a nonprofit organization committed to Lyme Disease research and education, was the perfect fit. Your purchase not only simplifies your active lifestyle but helps diagnose, treat, and perhaps one day even cure a widespread, crippling disease that affects children and adults alike. Because giving back is always in style!

Lindsay, Founder & Liz, Founder