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5 Easy-to-Do Hair Clip Ponytails & How to Style Them

Looking for a modern ponytail you can do with your favorite hair clip? Then we’ve got you covered!  From claw clips to flat laying, and butterflies to help your do “take flight”, below you’ll find 5 easy-to-create hair clip ponytails perfect for every season. And each one is created using your own hair vs. expensive hair extensions.  

The Voluminous Ponytail

With a hair tie your ponytail can only extend out as far as the tie at the base.  Unless you wrap your hair like a bun to increase the thickness.  When you use a wide and flat hair clip in between the ponytail, you have more distance to cover giving your look more depth and more styling options.  And there are two versions.  One with the clip underneath, and one that can replace the classic ponytail which we feature next.

  1. Brush through your hair and pull it back.
  2. Secure your ponytail with a hair tie.
  3. Lift up the top section of your ponytail and place the hair clip below it.
  4. Cover the clip with the top section of the ponytail.

The Classic Ponytail Reinvented

The classic ponytail is the perfect way to keep your hair off your shoulders and face so you can enjoy your day.  And when you combine fun colors and prints with a hair clip, you are able to match it to your outfit which is not possible with a hidden hair tie.

One of the benefits of using a hair clip over a hair tie when creating a ponytail is that you don’t have to keep feeding your hair through the tie.  You simply gather your hair back and clip it into place.  You save time and get the same effect.

  1. Brush your hair and pull it back to where you want the base of the ponytail.
  2. Clip the ponytail into place.
  3. Spray your hair with a light hairspray or finishing spray for shine and to keep flyaways away.

Like we mentioned above, this could also become a variation of the classic ponytail if you want the style to stay in longer as a clip may not hold or be comfortable if you’re driving or at the gym.  Use a hair tie to create a classic ponytail, then add the clip to extend it out further from your head adding volume and depth.

Hair Clip Bubble Braids

If you love the look of a bubble braid, but want to take it up a notch, try it with butterfly clips or any tiny novelty hair clip.  You can select bright colors that alternate, stylish adornments to match the season, or anything you’re feeling that day.  Think cherry patterns or flower petals for spring, and snowflakes for winter.  

Instead of using a hair tie to create the bubbles in your ponytail, use the tiny clips.  It’ll keep the bubble intact, and you can tease the hair out or readjust the clips easily to make sure they’re even.  

Click here to learn how to do a bubble braid, and in the steps replace the hair ties that create the bubbles with your hair clips.

Hair Clip Folded Ponytails

The folded version is the easiest and probably most popular ponytail you can create with a hair clip. It is perfect for claw clips, banana clips, and hollow clips.  Because the hair clip is the focus of this style, you’ll love using your TELETIES as there are always new on-trend prints, colors, and patterns.  

  1. Gather your hair along the sides and center, then pull it up to the back of your head.
  2. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie.
  3. Take the ponytail and fold it so there is a bend at the top and the tip is pointing downwards.
  4. Use a hair clip with the wings facing the back of your head so the claws face behind you and secure the folded ponytail just below the bend of the hair within the hair clip.

Bonus tip: If you’re at work and need a quick hair fix for an important meeting or interview, you can take a hollow hair clip and turn a folded ponytail into a French twist quickly and easily.  It’s a high-end do that carries you through the day!

Half-up Half-down Hair Clip Ponytail

You don’t get much more versatility and beauty than a classic half-up half-down ponytail.  And when you use a hair clip instead of a hair tie, you can bring the colors and patterns from your clothing through your look from head to toe, literally.  And it works especially well for people with straight hair.

Unlike a traditional half-up half-down ponytail where the pony tail pops out over the flat area, the hair clip holds the ponytail closer to your head while still giving two layers of hair.  This is a fun way to add dimension, movement, and a pop of color to a half-up half-down hairstyle that would normally be laying flat.  

  1. Gather your hair from the top of your head and pull the strands backwards.
  2. Combine the two sides with the middle section where you want the ponytail to be, and add the hair clip to hold it in place.
  3. Now release the ponytail over the lower section of hair.

One of the best things about hair accessories is that you can use them to create similar styles with different effects.  Hair ties can be great for a ponytail, but hair clips add colors, patterns, and dimension to the style.  This way you can keep your favorite look, but stop it from becoming the same-old same-old style.

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