Hair Ties Collection

The fun and functional hair ties below are safe for all hair types and work for all hair styles! Choose tiny hair ties for updos and kids, small hair ties for thin hair and pony tails, large hair ties for thick and curly hair. TELETIES are your new favorite fun and functional hair accessories!

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Looking for a fun, fashionable and functional hair tie that stays in place while working out? TELETIES are for you! Whether you have thick and wavy hair, or thin, damaged or curly, each hair tie is designed with non-slip technology to hold your hair in place and never pull or tug. From the traditional spiral hair ties to new lines launching each year, you'll find a TELETIE that matches your style and #fashiongoals.

Simply select the size or color combination from the filters above, or type what you're looking into the search box.  Then click on your new favorite hair tie, add to cart, and we'll ship it out asap.  

When you need a hair tie that doesn't pull, snag or stick, TELETIES are for you!

Are Your Hair Ties Safe for Damaged Hair?

Yes, all of the hair ties on this page are safe for damaged hair.  Because of the spiral design and materials, they won't pull on your folicals or fray damaged locks like a traditional elastic hair tie does.  

Are TELETIES Hair Ties Easy to Clean?

TELETIES hair ties are easy to clean making them perfect for doctors, nurses and athletes.  Simply drop them in the wash or quickly clean them with soap and water.  Your favorite fashion accessory will be clean and ready to wear in no time at all!

Which Hair Ties Should I Buy for My Hair Type?

Here are the types of hair ties to buy depending on your length, type and style needs:

  • Large hair ties are perfect for thick, wavy and curly hair as well as styles like hair buns.
  • Small hair ties are perfect for thin hair, short hair and styles like ponytails, side buns.  They can also be worn comfortably as a bracelet making them ideal for sports.
  • Tiny hair ties are perfect for short hair and kids, and updos, pigtails and fairy hair styles.
  • Headbands are the best hair ties if you need to hold your hair back to apply make up, wash your face or keep your hair in place while working out and playing sports.  The rubber stopper will keep it from slipping while the spiral design glides seamlessly in and out of your hair.