Large Hair Clip

Looking to pull your thick, wavy or curly hair back without your hair clip breaking, sliding or scratching? The TELETIES large hair clips below are for you! Made from a bendable, comfortable and non breakable material, each large hair clip provides a strong all day hold for all hair types.

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If you have thick, long, curly or wavy hair, and need a solution to keep your hair in place without a hair clip breaking, TELETIES large hair clips are for you! Better than a banana clip, each large hair clip from TELETIES is made from a bendable and comfortable-to-wear nylon material that won’t break, making them perfect for thick, wavy and long hair.  

The teeth won’t scrape your scalp or itch because the TELETIES hair clip material is a custom developed flexible nylon. Because of this custom formula, TELETIES large hair clips are more comfortable than a traditional large hair clip made from plastic, and unlike plastic they’ll last longer without breaking.  

Whether you need to hold your hair back to put on makeup, simply like the style of wearing a hair clip, or you need to hold your hair in place and don’t have time to tie a bun, large hair clips from TELETIES are your strong-grip, no-slip hair clip solution for long, thick and curly hair!

What are large hair clips called?

Large hair clips are called banana clips if they’re shaped with a curve, giant or jumbo clips if they are at least 4 inches long. The name changes based on the style of hair clip like claw clips or butterfly, but the length is what determines the word “large”.