Spiral Hair Ties

TELETIES spiral hair ties slide through your hair seamlessly & without creating creases. Each TELETIE spiral hair tie is designed to never slip, snag or damage your hair. Choose large for thick & wavy hair, small for long & curly, tiny for thin hair or updos.

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TELETIES spiral hair ties are better for your hair than a traditional elastic because each spiral hair tie won’t pull and fray your hair. And unlike silk or scrunchies, they’re easy to clean! Simply toss your spiral hair ties in the wash, or rinse them with soap and water.

Whether you have thick, thin, curly, long or short hair, each TELETIES spiral hair tie can go from a cute bracelet to a ponytail without tugging or pulling. And the signature rubber stopper will stop your spiral hair tie from slipping so you can focus on your sports, studying or feel confident your style is in place if you’re out and about.   If you’re ready to elevate your style and keep your do from dropping, select your favorite spiral hair tie selection below and click add to cart today.

Are spiral hair ties better for your hair than elastic?

Yes, spiral hair ties are better for your hair than an elastic hair tie as elastic can fray your hair.   The coil design of a spiral hair tie locks your hair in place where elastic hair ties pull and tug your hair and folacles.  Because spiral hair ties hold your hair without tugging and pulling, they are less damaging to your locks.

Do spiral hair ties work on thick hair?

Yes, TELETIES large spiral hair ties work on thick hair to hold it in place comfortably whether you're working out, playing sports or attending class.

Which spiral hair tie should I use for thin hair?

If you have thin hair, a small size spiral hair tie will be better for holding your hair in place.