Sports Hair Ties

The ultimate sports hair tie is here! TELETIES are the easy-to-clean, strong-grip, no-rip hair tie to keep your hair in place whether you’re at the gym, on the field, or in a class. They’re fun, functional, and slide seamlessly from your hair to your wrist keeping you in the game! Select your favorite style below and click add to cart today!

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What sports are your hair ties good for?

TELETIES hair ties are perfect for all athletes, sports, and fitness routines because the coils hold your hair tight without pulling allowing you to focus on the game, not fly-aways and slippage. The rubber stopper prevents TELETIES from slipping so your hair holds in place while running, jumping, spinning or stretching.  

Will they smell and do they wick sweat?

No, TELETIES do not smell from sweat as they are designed for fun and athletics.  In fact the original one was created by our founder who needed a solution for her soccer matches.  The material is easy to clean with soap and water making it perfect for anyone who sweats a lot from sports and fitness, and it pushes sweat away instead of trapping it like cloth and fabric hair ties.

Will they stay put during practice and games?

Yes, TELETIES have a unique rubber stopper that keeps them in place making them the best hair tie for sports and active lifestyles. And the rubber stopper does not snag or pull on your hair making TELETIES comfy to wear so you can focus on your game or workout, not hair tie headaches.