White Hair Ties

From a wedding updo to a cheer accessory, white hair ties are ready to keep your look up and light. Wear them to counterbalance solid colors or patterns, and have a cool hairstyle for a hot summer day.  There’s no wrong time for a white hair tie from snow in winter to sunshine in summer, and white TELETIES are perfect, even after Labor Day.

Should I wear a white hair tie for a wedding?

Yes, white hair ties are perfect to wear to your wedding.  And when the white hair ties are TELETIES you can use them to hold your updo, and then wear them as a bracelet while you let your hair down and party at the reception.

And best of all, your white hair tie can be a backup to keep your bouquet in tact if the tape or ribbon breaks loose.

Can you wear white hair ties after Labor Day?

Yes, white hair ties are perfect year round.  We live in modern times, and old-time fashion trends have changed.  Wearing white is classy, classic and stylish from the sparkling snow in the winter to the serene summer season.