Tips & Tricks to Make Money

Content Ideas for Blog Posts, YouTube & Google

Content (blog posts, YouTube videos, the wording of your social media posts, etc…) is king. Any by optimizing your content you can feed algorithms. If the algorithms of search engines and social media websites like your content, they will send you traffic so you can make money. And that is what this section is about.

In this section you will learn about providing solutions where the product (Teleties in this case) is a part of the solution. By incorporating TELETIES in as a solution you’ve given your audience a reason to click and shop which results in a commission for you. It is equally important to think about how to format your solution-based content.

Solution formatting can include:

  • Listcicles
  • Gift guides
  • How-to articles
  • Product reviews
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Anything else that helps the visitor with an issue

Pro-tip: Create evergreen content that provides solutions instead of using dates and doing brand reviews. By creating evergreen content, your content never gets outdated, and you can continue to make money off the same content for many years.

Now that you have some ideas on how to format your content, lets look at topics and how many people are searching Google for them each month.

15 Hair Accessories to Create Any Hair Style – 33,100

This search phrase “hair accessories” has over 33,000 people searching Google each month. Both shopping results (stores) and listcicles show up in the search results.

By using an odd number like 15 you can stand out from the websites that don’t use numbers and also show your content likely has something for everyone, without being overwhelming. And you can also go niche by using “modifiers”. Modifiers are variations of the main phrase and can include ages, life events, demographics and styles.

Here are niche versions of “hair accessories” with the monthly searches:

  • 11 Hair Accessories for Women Of All Ages – 5,400
  • The 9 Best Hair Accessories for Girls To Try – 5,400
  • 11 Best Wedding Hair Accessories for Brides – 4,400
  • 13 of the Best Bridal Hair Accessories – 4,400
  • 9 Curly Hair Accessories That Actually Work – 1,000
  • The Best “Ouch-Free” Kids Hair Accessories – 1,000

Best Stocking Stuffers For Teenagers – 3,600

Because this topic is stocking stuffers, the teenager is not the shopper. It is likely a parent, guardian or family member. Talk to them about how and why the teen will love Teleties.

Teenagers can use Teleties to style their hair, keep their hair in place while playing sports or in gym class, as a fashion accessory when not being used, and potentially as a fidget during classes so they can focus. By providing reasons a teen will love this stocking stuffer, you can help encourage the shopper to click your link and buy a Teletie.

The 7 Best Hair Ties For Thick Hair – 1,900
9 Small Hair Ties That Don’t Pull or Slip – 1,000

These topics are about sizes and solutions. When creating your content you’ll want to speak to the specific issues. Think about the needs of someone with short hair and talk to them about how TELETIES works specifically with short hair and styles. By addressing the design and materials, as well as style options, you can let them know a Teletie is the solution the person is looking for.

The same goes for long hair, thin hair, curly hair, etc…

9 of the Best Hair Ties For Working Out – 1,900

Because this topic is about hair ties and working out, think about hair problems for people at the gym including weight machines, group fitness classes, and cardio machines. And it also includes working out outside like running and sports training.

Sweat, slipping and being easy to clean are all important. By incorporating working out problems and how the hair ties solve them, you will pre-sell how the person will benefit and hopefully earn some commissions.

How To Tie Your Hair In A Bun – 1,000

How-to guides are great for blog posts, videos and social media sites like Instagram. You can show the tools needed to create the solution and then walk the person through the steps. By doing this you build the person’s trust which can turn into both new subscribers and shoppers where you earn commissions.

Pro-tip: Use a numbered list for the steps in the process and a bullet list for the tools or supplies needed. It is both SEO friendly and easier for your audience to absorb.



SEO Tips

Now that you have your topics, it is time to learn how to optimize your content for SEO.

SEO or search engine optimization is a marketing strategy to help your content show up when someone searches a website like Google, Bing or YouTube.

Each SEO strategy will be unique based on the topic and where the content will live, but there are also some standards that should be included within your content.


Headers or H tags are used by search engines to define the topic of the page, or sections within the page. The keywords here are important, so make sure they contain the main phrases you want to show up for, and that you also include the phrases naturally. You don’t want to stuff keywords in for the sake of SEO.

Headers can be phrases, questions or statements. Do n’t be afraid to mix and match, think about what is best for the person absorbing your content and use the header to meet their needs. This tends to work really well for SEO too!

Formatting is important:

Paragraphs are not always the best way to help your readers understand and engage with your content. If there are multiple options, a bullet list with explanations could be better. If you have steps to complete a task, use a numbered list. Are you comparing products? Why not use a table or chart?

For example, if you are doing a hair style tutorial using TELETIES, you’ll be able to use multiple types of formatting.

  • A bullet list with all the products you’ll need for the hairstyle
  • A numbered list of the steps you need to do
  • Paragraphs to explain what to do in each step

Avoid Thin Copy:

Thin copy can be anything from fluffy statements that don’t provide advice, to simply including manufacturer information. Search engines normally do not send traffic to content that is thin. As an affiliate you have to add value and that can mean unique talking points or ways to use the product, showing both the good and the bad, and also displaying you have actual experience with the products.

If you are doing a listcicle (gift guide) post or product review, don’t just review the product. This is considered “thin copy” even if you have 500 and 800 words. Instead think about how you can create a resource people will trust.

Here are some tips for both product reviews and listcicles:

  • Include a pros and cons for each product.
  • Start off addressing common concerns about the topic or products within the list so the reader knows their answers exist within your article.
  • After you’ve addressed the concerns, in one or two sentences, establish why you are an authority or expert on this topic by sharing:
    • Your years of experience
    • Certifications or licenses
    • How you narrowed down the selections
  • Include a FAQ section when relevant that can include anything from specs and compatibility to uses, requirements, cleaning or maintenance, and solutions the products or services provide.


Organic Social Media Marketing Ideas

Organic social media is about creating content that causes a measurable reaction to the social media platform. It could be clicking like, sharing, leaving comments, or tagging friends that also engage.

By sending these signals that your content is interesting to the community, your content may get more exposure giving you more opportunities to grow your user base and make money. Here are a few ideas you can use with some platform examples.


Instagram marketing can be done many ways including a product review, a reel demonstrating a product or solution and by creating how-to guides. Just like TikTok and Twitter, Instagram is hashtag heavy.

Although Reels tend to be great because the person can swipe up and click your link, step-by-step guides can be effective as they always exist in your feed so your audience can come back to them. Here’s an idea on how to create one.

  • Take step-by-step images of each step in the process.
  • In the bottom right corner let the person know the step number and how many steps there are total by placing “step 2”.
  • On the last image show the completed project and remind the person to save this post by clicking the banner symbol so they can remember how to do “XYZ” again later.
  • To make money, have your affiliate link listed on your bio page or create an easy to type in short URL that redirects through your affiliate link and place it in the description.

By creating content like this you show yourself as an authority and can build your following while also making money.

Because organic social media is all about sending engagement signals, think about how you can get your audience to interact with you. One idea is to ask questions.

For Teleties, why not post four or five styles using a Teletie and ask which you should wear tonight or over the weekend? You can also ask what your audiences’ favorite is and have them leave a comment with why.
Think about the platforms you want to build an audience on, and then think about how you can create engaging content that will send positive signals to the platform. By doing this you’ll be able to grow your audience and hopefully make money.


Social Media Advertising

One of the biggest opportunities as a Teleties affiliate is to use the advertising platforms on social media sites. Users join groups for specific needs like sports they play, long hair styles, or fashion. Many social media platforms also keep track of life events like if someone is getting married.

By creating imagery or guides that cater to the needs of the audience, you can show the people on the social media platform a helpful guide that addresses their needs. Think about a busy mom with little kids at home that just needs an easy hair tie to pull her hair back and that can also easily slip onto her wrist for storage.

You also have a soccer player who will need to keep her hair pulled back during play, and not want to have her pockets filled with hair ties when she undoes her hair.

By fine tuning your message, imagery and targeting there is almost no limit to the amount of traffic and sales you can make as a Teleties affiliate partner.



Email Marketing

Before we jump into email marketing tips and ideas, please make sure you are 100% CANSPAM compliant in the US and you follow international email laws depending on where you and your subscribers are based. If you are not compliant you will not be able to earn commissions as a Teleties affiliate.

This includes local city, county, state and Federal. We take violations of this very seriously.

Tips for Email TELETIES Affiliate Marketing:

It is always important to test your list and see what they will react to. To get started you’ll want to take 10 or 20% of your list and run a split test.

Split tests are where you send two or three variations to an equal part of your list. Whichever one has the best results is what you send to the remaining group (the other 80% or 90%). The split test and amount will depend on the size of your list.

You can test:

  • Subject lines
  • Designs
  • Calls to action
  • The order in which stores appear
  • Content which includes promotional messages vs. content and information
  • Days and times
  • Etc…

Another way to improve your email marketing is to use a SPAM score tester like This third party tool will give you recommendations to help optimize your deliverability.

The size of your HTML and images may matter. Try to compress your images and keep your code to a minimum. This may help to prevent your email from hitting spam boxes and also make downloading your content on a phone quicker.

The last tip is to really hone in your database. If you have an audience that signed up for multiple topics and not just “hair advice”, only send them what is relevant to them. By doing this you can keep them engaged and interested since they are receiving the exact type of information they opted-in for. There are always exceptions, but this is a good way to help prevent burning your list.