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Adding Beads to Braids in 3 Easy Steps

Beads and hair braids are a summer style staple, especially at the beach. They’re a fun way to add some red, white, and blue for a 4th of July BBQ, and sparkling ones look stunning with winter formal hair for extra texture and pops of color. But beads on their own won’t stay put, you need something to secure them, and that’s where this guide to beaded braids comes in.

First is to make sure the beads can fit on the braid. There’s an easy way to do this.

  1. Tie three braids together with different size strands.
  2. Measure the thickness of the hair strand by looping a piece of string loosely below the braid as this will be thinner and the weave will hold the bead in place.
  3. Hold the loops over the center of the bead to see if they're a little smaller, or measure the diameter of the loops to get the size of the diameter and compare to the diameter of the beads.
    1. You want a little extra space in case the braids are thicker or thinner as each one may vary slightly.

The reason you want to do multiple braids in the first step is to not have to do this exercise again when it is time for a new beaded braid hairstyle.

By keeping notes about the bead and braid size you'll be ready for a larger French braid and a thinner lemonade braid. And it's important to remember that hair comes in multiple thicknesses, so if a specific type of bead works for someone with thin hair, someone with thick hair may not be able to use them.  Your notes will remind you of who needs which size.

Now you know what size beads to buy and use based on the type of braid and hair, it’s time to secure the bead so it doesn’t fall out.

The easiest way is with a hair tie. Elastic hair ties have always been a standard, but elastic can pull and rip, and may add extra friction to the hair strands which can cause breakage.

If your hair is brittle and breaks, substitute elastic for tiny spiral hair ties as this option may reduce friction and it adds a pop of color to complement the beads, similar to the effect on a bubble braid. And there is a trick to securing it.

  1. Leave space at the bottom of the braid that has enough room for the amount of beads you want to include, plus a 1/4 to 1/2 inch.
  2. Place the beads on the non-braided section and loop the remaining non-braided lock of hair over the bottom bead up towards the second to bottom bead. 
  3. Secure the section in between the bottom and second to last bead with the hair tie using the non-braided lock in between the bottom and second to last bead.

As long as the hair tie holds, the beads will stay in place. Have the person give their head a few shakes once the beads and hair tie are added to the first few braids to make sure. If you found this style guide helpful, subscribe to our blog below for more like it!

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