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How to Do a Flat Hair Clip French Twist

When you require comfort and style, or you’re short on time, the flat hair clip French twist is your new best friend.  It’s the ultimate in hairstyles because it looks fab in a club, stays comfy when you lay your head back to watch tv or take a yoga class, and you can wear it from class to work, while playing sports, or any occasion. 

Best of all this looks is easy for all skill levels and works for all hair lengths, thicknesses, and types of hair.  You can style the look in five easy steps and in under one minute once you get good at it.  It’s the new spin off the classic claw clip French twist that meets modern needs, comfort, and style.  

You will need:

The steps to do a flat clip French twist:

  1. Smooth your hair with your hair brush to remove tangles.
  2. Pull your hair to the back of your head like you’re doing a low bun or low ponytail.
  3. Twist your hair into a coil and fold it up against your head.
  4. Fan out the coil so you get an even and sleek tube for a clean look vs. messy.
  5. Secure it with the flat hair clip (claw clips work best because they’re easier to manage than snap clips).

The optional step here is to use a finishing spray to keep flyaways in place, but this is a comfy style and looks amazing messy too.  And for longer hair use two flat claw clips with one at the top and one at the bottom.  If you angle the clips horizontal it makes a fabulous fashion statement.  

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