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How to do and Style Birkin Bangs

Very much like the famous Birkin Bag by Hermès, Birkin bangs are a style of fringe bangs that were made famous in the 1960’s by French fashion legend Jane Birkin.  And that is how they got their namesake. Because Birkin bangs can go retro, grunge, or high fashion, and can be styled at multiple hair lengths, this is a style of blunt bangs that has never gone out of fashion, so now is the right time to give them a try.  

This look is particularly flattering for people with round and square shaped faces as they soften the face shape while not adding a sharp line on your forehead.  And they’re perfect for people with type 1 and fine or thin hair.  But don’t count Birkin bangs out if you have a heart or oval shape, you can keep the Birkin bangs and modify the side strands or hairstyle behind them to properly frame your face and look for the desired effect. 

If you’re ready to rock this style, below you’ll find how to do Birkin bangs, as well as some hairstyle ideas to match with the look based on length.  Remember, when creating Birkin bangs it is about straight and sleek, not wavy and curly.  This is also an advanced style because it involves a precise cut and trimming. Go to your stylist and ask for wispy and fringe bangs if you're using your own hair and not clip-in bangs.  If you’re a risk taker and have hair cutting skills, here’s the steps to create the look.

  1. Start by brushing your hair and part it in the middle.
  2. Excluding your bangs, section off the top half of your hair with your fingers and secure it with a hair tie so you don't accidently cut hairs that are not in your bangs.  
  3. Release the bangs directly over your face if you are a DIY stylist, and use a point cut to add texture.
    1. We always recommend having this done by a professional hairdresser or you can do this with faux bangs so you don’t accidentally ruin your natural hair.
    2. Or cut your clip-on bangs using the point cut.
  4. Style and trim the sides so they create the frame you’re looking for.
  5. If you’re using clip-in bangs, now is when you add them, then complete the rest of the hairdo.

For medium length hair you cannot go wrong with a Birkin bangs bob cut that is curled on the sides.  Curl the bottoms of the bob forward for an intense look, and outwards for a fun and vintage mid-century vibe.

Have longer hair, let a few strands lay forward for a longer frame and pull the rest of your hair back into a long hair messy bun for a nice casual and intriguing style.  And for the ever popular 90’s style, wrap a scrunchie around the bun for a pop of color.  When pairing Birkin bangs with formal wear, pull your hair back to a sleek French twist or an updo for a show stopping style.

There’s never a wrong season or time for Birkin bangs, and you can DIY with clip-ons if your hairdresser is busy, or get a professional trim with your natural hair.  If you found this style guide helpful, subscribe to the TELETIMES blog below.

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