how to do a Long Hair Messy Bun in 5 Easy Steps

Create a Long Hair Messy Bun in 5 Easy Steps!

Have you tried tying a messy bun, but it keeps falling before you can secure it with a hair tie?  Or maybe you have fly aways that have a mind of their own.  This post is for you!

Whether you want a low-maintenance hairstyle or to just keep your long hair out of your face; here is how to do a messy bun complete with solutions for stray hairs and keeping your look in place.

You will need:

  • Spiral bobby pins
  • 1 medium to large hair tie (TELETIES are preferred)

The steps to tie a long hair messy bun:

  1. Gather your hair away from your face and neck towards the back of your head where you want the bun to form
  2. Pull it back into a ponytail and if you would like, place a hair tie to keep it in place. 
Pro-tip:  It sometimes is easier to flip your head upside down and tie your hair that way to get the bun as high as you want.  The higher the bun, the less sag you will get.
  1. Twist your ponytail until it's pulled tight
  2. Wrap the long twist around the base of your ponytail (where the hair meets the back of your head). 
  3. Secure your messy bun by tying the hair tie around the bun
Pro-tip: if you have stray hairs, use a spiral bobby pin to hold them in place. 

    As a bonus, here’s a two hacks to use to keep your long hair bun looking fantastic:

    1. Don’t wash your hair for 1-2 days, because the build-up of your natural oils, specifically in long hair, will help the bun hold better.
    2. If your hair is thick or does not stay in place while you make a ponytail, create two pony tails and then wrap the first, then wrap the second.

    Now that you’ve fallen in love with how easy it is to do a messy bun, here are nine more messy buns to change up your look:

    • Low Bun
    • Classic Top Knot Bun
    • Double Buns
    • High Bun With Braid
    • Wide Bun
    • Top Knot Bun With Middle Part
    • Bun With Dutch Braids
    • Looped Bun
    • Side Swept Bun 

    Knowing how to tie a messy bun is only the beginning of your adventure into fun long hair hairstyles.  Subscribe to our blog below and get more hairstyling tips as we publish a new post each week. 

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