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How to Safely Add Rhinestones to Your Hair in 3 Steps

Adding a bit of sparkle to your style is always a fun way to stand out.  You may want to feature rhinestones in your hair at a winter formal dance or shape an American flag for the 4th of July.  They look fab on sleek styles like a barbie ponytail with a swoop, or using pearls for your wedding chignon bun.  No matter what the reason, you can add rhinestones to your hair safely and easily using the following guide.

The trick is to make sure you have the right tools for the job, especially the glue.  Below you’ll find what to use as well as how to safely remove the rhinestones once you're ready to take them out.  Removing the rhinestones carefully is equally as important to how you apply them, especially if your hair is dry or prone to breakage.

Before we teach you how to apply and remove rhinestones from your hair, lets cover three dos and don'ts so you can help prevent any accidental damage.

Dos when applying and removing rhinestones to your hair:

  • Use eyelash glue and not other types of adhesives as eyelash glue is made for hair.
  • Use a light finishing spray or strong but light hair spray to keep both the strands and the stones in place once you finish applying them.
  • Gently peel the rhinestone off your hair to avoid pulling on the follicle or accidently ripping strands out.

What to avoid doing when adding rhinestones to your hair:

  • Do not use heat, especially with holiday hairstyles for Christmas, Valentine's or New Years.  The air in winter is already dry, and your hair will be too.  Rhinestones do not need to be applied with heat which causes unnecessary damage.
  • Only apply rhinestones to dry hair.  Even a bit of dampness can cause the eyelash glue or adhesive to not hold. 
  • Avoid ripping the rhinestones and eyelash glue out when you’re ready to release the look.  This can break hairs, rip them from your head, and damage your scalp.  Instead peel the rhinestones carefully one by one and then use shampoo and conditioner to rinse it.

The Steps to Apply Rhinestones to Hair

  1. Dry your hair completely and remove any oils or slick products that would prevent adhesives from sticking.
  2. Take your eyelash glue and place a dab where you want the rhinestone to be and add the rhinestone.  Or place the eyelash glue on the rhinestone itself and apply it to the hair.
    Pro-tip: Choose an eyelash glue that has a brush applicator, it makes it easier to control.
  3. Give a quick spritz with a fixative like a light hair spray and let it dry.

How to Remove Rhinestones From Your Hair

  1. Gently peel (don’t rip) the rhinestone with your fingers, or gently tighten the strand of hair with your hand and lift the rhinestone off with tweezers.
  2. Use a clarifying shampoo with warm or cool water and wash your hair.

And that’s it.  Adding some bling with rhinestones to your hair is a fun and easy way to add sparkle to your style.  If you found this guide helpful, subscribe to the TELETIMES blog for more styling tips.

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