How to Braid a Ribbon Into Your Hair Easily - Tutorial - TELETIES

How to Braid a Ribbon Into Your Hair Easily - Tutorial

Braiding a ribbon into your hair is easy with a little practice, and it adds pops of color to any look.  Try a nice flannel pattern for the holidays, or the colors of the flag for independence day.  Going to a music festival?  Braided space buns with a ribbon provide some extra extravagance while you enjoy.

Pro-tip: If you’d like the ribbon to carry the entire length of your hair, and you’re not using a hair tie, add an extra few inches as you’ll need to have the extra length on top to hold it in place.  The extra fabric on top can be tied into a bow, or carefully weave both sides on two strands to secure it in place.

You will need:

  • As many hair length hair ribbons as you will have individual braids.
  • A small or large hair tie for each braid depending on the thickness of your hair.
  • A tiny hair tie to cap the end of the braid.

The steps to braid ribbon into your hair:

  1. Tie the ribbon to a hair tie.
  2. Secure your hair with the hair tie into a ponytail using the hair tie with the ribbon on it.
  3. Divide the ponytail into three equal sections. 
    1. Two of these will be just hair
    2. One will be hair combined with the ribbon.
  4. Begin braiding, French braids are the easiest if this is your first try.
  5. Continue braiding until you reach the end of your hair and secure the braid with a second hair tie.

And that’s it!  Now you know how to braid a ribbon into your hair, and once you get good you can try fishtail braids, dutch braids, and even a braided ribbon wrap around a hair bun.  If you found this guide helpful, subscribe to our blog for more just like it!

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