Hair Accessories

Fashion forward hair accessories as unique as you are for the gym, night out,  or the office. You don't have to sacrifice style or function with TELETIES hair ties, headbands and more!

If you crave hair accessories that are stylish and functional and that never pull or tug and reduce headaches, then TELETIES are for you! With new hair accessories released almost monthly, your style and hair will never “fall flat” when TELETIES support your look.

With a laundry list of benefits, TELETIES hair accessories are easy to clean, packed in eco-friendly materials, and designed to get stuck no matter what type of hair you have. TELETIES hair accessories are perfect for all ethnicities, thin, thick, wavy, and curly hair. We are your ultimate replacement to the traditional hair tie.

Do hair accessories damage your hair?

Hair accessories made from elastic can damage your hair by pulling at the follicles and fraying them. Hair accessories made from silk will do less damage but could slip, letting your style fall. Silk is also very hard to clean, leaving you with a dirty or wet hair tie.

Hair accessories that do not damage your hair will be made from a unique TPU material. This material allows your hair tie to have a strong yet comfortable hold, just like the ones here at TELETIES. Best of all, they are BPA and phthalate-free!

What are the most popular hair accessories?

Hair ties are the most popular hair accessory. They are a staple to most men and women who have long hair and need to keep it up and out of their face.

Spiral hair ties, banana clips, decorated pins, and bobby pins are used for styling and everyday comfort, making them more popular than a seasonal or life event hair accessory.

Are your hair accessories only for women?

No, TELETIES hair accessories are for men and women! Everyone everywhere deserves to have cute hair accessories that match their unique style.