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TELETIES headbands pull your hair back without the "ouch" moments or itchy teeth like you find on traditional hairbands. The no-slip rubber stopper keeps your style in place whether you're at the gym, on the field, or in the boardroom, and the spiral design slides in and out seamlessly. 

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Eat Glitter for Breakfast - Headband - TELETIES

Eat Glitter for Breakfast



TELETIES headbands are your new go-to when you need to keep the hair out of your face from high fashion events to the game field and every situation in between! The rubber centerpiece slides into place to prevent your hairstyle from slipping, and the spiral headband design stretches to fit everyone from kids to adults. Each headband looks excellent as a double-wrapped bracelet when you don’t need to pull your hair back.

Best of all, TELETIES headbands are easy to clean. Toss them in the wash or dip them in soapy water in the sink. Whether you have thick, curly, or long hair, headbands from TELETIES will keep your hair in place to focus on fun, not swiping away at flyaways!

Are headbands good for thin hair?

Headbands, by nature, are not suitable for thin hair. The tight grip can pull hair out, and thin hair does not always get a good hold in a headband, so your style can slip. Although you can use a TELETIES headband on thin hair, we recommend using hair ties instead. TELETIES hair ties are a bit smaller and will be able to better prevent thin hair from slipping so you can keep your hairstyle!

Will your headbands fit kids?

Yes, spiral headbands can stretch to help keep kids and adults hair in place.

How can I keep my headband from slipping?

To keep a headband from slipping, you’ll want to look for anti-slip design features. The rubber centerpiece, which you can see on each TELETIES headband, will blend neatly into your look while preventing your headband from slipping. 

Traditional headbands rely on itchy and scratchy teeth to prevent slipping, which can irritate your scalp. People are switching to our perfectly engineered design. 

Can older women wear headbands?

Yes, older women can wear TELETIES headbands, but headbands are not always as effective as a product like a spiral hair tie. As we age, our hair becomes thinner, and a headband is most effective on thicker hair. On the other hand, spiral hair ties are designed not to pull, fray, or tug while providing a non-slip grip to keep your style intact.

What is the best headband for sports?

The best headband for sports is a spiral style and not a headband with teeth. Teeth can dig into your scalp, causing irritation and breaking your focus, sliding around, and letting your hair fall loose. And a plastic headband can break, snap or dig into your head and could be dangerous if you get struck while playing.

TELETIES spiral headbands with a rubber stopper will hold your style in place and can easily be taken off and stored on your wrist while you’re not on the field. They are also designed not to irritate your scalp, making them the perfect headband for playing sports.