Large Hair Ties

These strong-grip, no-rip large hair ties are best for thick hair and curly hair. Each large hair tie from TELETIES slides seamlessly through curly, wavy, straight hair and extensions. Perfect for working out, sports, fashion and fun!

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FAQs about TELETIES Large Hair Ties

Made with a spiral hair tie design, the large hair ties by TELETIES are designed for thick, long, curly hair to help you create a style that holds whether you’re on the field, in a class, or just need to hold your hair back.  And best of all, TELETIES hair ties never pull, tug, or get stuck.

You can slide your large hair ties in and out of your hair without any “ouch” moments. And each large hair tie is made from eco-friendly materials that can be washed in the washing machine or use soap and water to make cleaning your hair ties a breeze.

What types of hair and styles need large hair ties?

Large hair ties are perfect for thick, wavy and curly hair and creating buns, ponytails and other hairstyles that need to hold a lot of hair while providing a lot of support. If you have thin hair, try a small hair tie, and if you're looking to tie the tip of a braid, use a tiny hair tie.