Small Hair Ties

TELETIES small hair ties are the perfect solution for thin to medium thickness of hair. TELETIES are designed to give you a strong-grip that doesn't slip, crease, damage your hair, or cause headaches. Each small hair tie is easy to clean and perfect for sports, the gym, or fashion statements. 

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For the Love of Nudes - Small - TELETIES

For the Love of Nudes



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Eat Glitter for Breakfast



FAQs about TELETIES Small Hair Ties

Looking for a fun and fashionable hair tie that doesn’t slip, crease, tug or cause headaches? Then TELETIES small hair ties are for you! 

These spiral hair ties are perfect for thin to medium hair. Great for half-up hairstyles and ponytails; TELETIES small hair ties put the "fun" in functional while fashionable. Best of all, the hair tie can be cleaned with soap and water, and you have peace of mind your hair tie is free of bacteria. 

If you want a small hair tie that holds your style without getting stuck, select your favorite color combination below and add to cart. 

What types of hair are small hair ties best for? 

Small hair ties are perfect for thin to medium thickness, aging, and short hair. Because they are small, they can easily grip your locks, allowing you to create a quick hairstyle or easily tie a braid. If you have thick hair, choose a large hair tie, and if you are styling an updo, top knot, or tying a braid, a tiny hair tie may be a good option. 

Which hairstyles can you use a small hair tie for? 

  • Ponytails
  • Bubble ponytails
  • Braids
  • Extensions
  • Pigtails
  • Space Buns
  • Weaves
  • Cornrows
  • Updos
  • And more!

Can I wear a small hair tie as a bracelet? 

Yes, the small hair tie from TELETIES can fit both a child's and an adult's wrist comfortably. 

Will Small TELETIES work for thick or curly hair? 

If you have thick or curly hair, use large hair ties from TELETIES instead of the small size.