Spring Break Collection


If you’re looking for hair ties that take you from practice to a party, and seamlessly transfer from a hair tie to a bracelet, you’re in the right place! TELETIES are the unique hair tie that transition with each style you need for your day.

From studying in class or picking up after your kids, to a happy hour or big game, your TELETIE hair tie will seamlessly travel with you letting you create the hairstyle you need now, and without any “ouch” moments or having your style slip out of place. 

Perfect for all hair types, lengths, and styles; select any of the colors below, then click add to cart, and your new go-to hair tie will be on its way in no time. When you need a hair tie that is not only functional, but fashionable TELETIES is your new best friend!


Do Hair Ties Damage Hair?

Yes, hair ties can damage your hair by causing breakage if they are made from elastic and if you tie your hair too tight. Traditional elastic hair ties can also cause your hair to fray. In the worst-case scenario, the tight pulling could cause some hair to come loose and fall out. With TELETIES you won’t have to worry as each TELETIE hair tie  are made with a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material. Best of all they are BPA and phthalate free!

Can a TELETIE Hair Tie be Used as a Headband? 

No, you should use a TELETIES headband as a headband as the hair tie is designed to hold your hair in place and style sections of hair. TELETIES headbands are designed to hold your head and not style sections of hair. 

Which Hair Tie is Best for Your Hair? 

The best hair tie for your hair is one that is made from a material that will not break, fray or get stuck in your hair.  Elastic can grip too tight, so you’ll want to avoid using it if you have fragile hair. Silk can come loose while playing sports and is expensive to clean, so you’ll want to avoid silk hair ties if you’ll be sweating or in places it can get stained. TELETIES hair ties are universally safe for all hair types and styles and will not get stuck, slip or damage your hair, and easy to clean.  That is why we consider TELETIES to be the best hair ties, but of course we’re biased!

Spring Break Collection

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