Tiny Hair Clip

Perfect for kids, thin hair, and fun styles, each tiny hair clip from TELETIES is made from a bendable and durable material that will bend but not break. Best of all TELETIES hair clips are comfy to wear and stay in place for all day style.

Need a small hair clip to style a braid or hold short and thin hair in place? Then TELETIES small hair clips are for you!

Made from a bendable and comfortable custom, nylon material, each small hair clip from TELETIES is safe for kids and adults, and will hold your short hair or style comfortably all day long. And best of all every TELETIES hair clip is more durable than traditional plastic and built to last!

If you’re tired of the same old small hair clips that snap, fall out or are uncomfortable, give TELETIES small hair clips a try. You’ll quickly learn why so many people just like you are giving up their traditional tiny hair clips and falling in love with TELETIES.

Are all tiny hair clips barrettes?

No, not all tiny hair clips are barrettes. But all barrettes that are under 2 inches can be tiny hair clips.  Butterfly clips for example can be ornamental and don’t lay flat like a barrette.  Barrettes also have a bar for stability and hold and are designed to slide into place while a hair clip is meant to clip in and not slide in and out.