Tiny Hair Clips

TELETIES tiny claw hair clips are safe for kids, and hold fine or thin hair tight. The design grips hair comfortably while keeping your style in place all day. There’s neutral colors for work, bright patterns to accent an outfit, and fun colors kids will love. Each mini claw clip will bend and is nearly unbreakable, making them last longer than others.

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FAQs about TELETIES Tiny Claw Hair Clips

Who should buy tiny claw hair clips?

Anyone with fine or thin hair will benefit from TELETIES tiny claw hair clips. Because of their size, the extra space in larger hair clips that causes thin or fine hair to slip won’t impact their ability to hold your locks in place. Tiny claw hair clips are also perfect for kids because they come in bright colors and fun patterns, while holding tight. And they work perfect as an accent on styles like braids and ponytails.  

Are TELETIES tiny claw hair clips safe for kids?

Yes, TELETIES mini claw hair clips are safe for kids as they don’t snap like traditional plastic clips which creates sharp pieces of plastic your child can get cut with.  TELETIES hair clips are made from our innovative and durable nylon helping to prolong their life while your kids wear them from school to practice, and from play time to the dinner table.