Tiny Hair Ties

Perfect for kids, braids, topknots and super thin hair, tiny hair ties from TELETIES are for you! Pick your favorite style below and get ready for a strong-grip that doesn't slip and never have an "ouch moment" again.

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FAQs about TELETIES Tiny Hair Ties

From tying a regular braid, French braid, or bubble braid that holds in place without tugging; to a top knot and little kids' hairstyles, tiny hair ties from TELETIES are your new go-to fun and functional fashion accessory. Select the color combinations that match your unique style and click add to cart. Your new hair ties will be shipped out ASAP. Your hair will thank you. 

Tiny hair ties from TELETIES have a smaller spiral design that children and adults can use. They are designed specifically to hold the end of braids, blend into a topknot, updos  and keep thin hair out of your face. Whether you're working out, playing sports, or simply living your life these hair ties will do the trick. And best of all, there are always new styles of hair ties coming out, so check back often to find new colors coming out with our seasonal collections to match your ever-changing style.

Are tiny hair ties good for thin hair?

Yes, tiny hair ties from TELETIES are designed to hold thin hair tight so you can keep your look without the hair tie slipping. And best of all, the spiral hair tie design will give you a strong grip without ripping or creasing your hair. 

Can tiny hair ties be worn as a bracelet?

No, this specific size will fit comfortably as a ring on an adult finger.