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11 Styles of Bangs for Round Faces and Why They Work

Finding the right style of bangs for a round face is all a matter of geometry. Don’t worry, this isn’t a math class, but you might want to give your stylist a pop quiz before you let them work on your new do.  And fun fact, they can probably get it right because math is required for a degree in cosmetology.  Minnesota State College does a great job explaining why.

But the geometry of hair cutting is more than just the overall shape of your face. It’s the art of illusion in that bangs change the way your brain perceives the relationships between your facial features. For example, blunt cut bangs create a horizontal line above your cheekbones, which makes your face look more square. Curtain bangs create a triangle with your hairline and cheekbones at the corners, this gives your face a more elongated look (and you can define some serious cheekbones with the right contouring).

If you’re ready to reshape your face, here’s 11 styles of bangs for people with round faces and the visual effect they create.

  1. Side-swept bangs
  2. Curtain bangs
  3. Choppy bangs
  4. Wispy bangs
  5. Curly bangs
  6. Asymmetrical bangs
  7. Bottleneck Bangs
  8. Pixie Cut Bangs
  9. Layered bangs
  10. Micro bangs
  11. Faux bangs

Side-swept bangs

If you’ve “longed” for an oval shaped face, side-swept bangs are going to be your go to style. They add length to round faces to help give a longer look. By sweeping your bangs to one side, you draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones, making your face appear more ovular. 

Ovular faces are known for their proportions, and they look fabulous when accented with chandelier and long-hanging earrings. So if you have a round face, you get the advantage here because side-swept bangs let you go from round to ovular, and back with ease.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs get their name because they part in the center and resemble drawn curtains at a theater. This style of bangs draws attention to your eyes as it emphasizes the triangle with the part at the top, and leads to your eyes at the bottom. This framing is one of the most popular styles because they bring attention to your eyes and cheekbones, and they work for straight, wavy, thin, and thick hair.  

Pro-tip: You can create a diamond shaped face by pairing curtain bangs with layers that angle in below your jawline.  This illusion creates lines from your eyes down to your chin turning a round face into a diamond shape. 

Choppy bangs

The playful, edgy vibe of choppy bangs comes from their irregular lengths and textures, which break up facial roundness. Adding volume on top and tousled waves or a shaggy cut emphasizes the height of your face, making it appear less round. Remember to avoid too much volume on the sides as it can make your face look wider.

Wispy bangs

Wispy bangs have a light and airy texture that draws the eye upward, creating an illusion of a more elongated face. This style is great for people with more delicate features since the frame doesn't add extra bulk, keeping your face looking slim. 

A straight, sleek style or loose curls complement wispy bangs, maintaining simplicity and letting the bangs take center stage. If you keep your hair on the shorter side, be careful not to stop the ends where your jawline is. This can create a line across the bottom of your face making it look more square, similar to what happens with blunt cut bangs across the top of your face.

Curly bangs

Break up the flat or wide appearance of a round face with the added texture and dimension of curly bangs. The curls create depth, drawing the eye in and adding visual interest and will look great with your hair down or in an updo with extra volume on top. Embrace your natural curls or create them with a curling iron and let them flow through the rest of your hair to match the texture of the bangs.

Asymmetrical bangs

The bold, diagonal line created by asymmetrical bangs tricks the eye into seeing a more angular, less round face. The fluid asymmetry adds a dynamic element, making roundness less noticeable. You can rock this style of bangs for a round face with both the sleek and chic look or with a smooth, wavy look that will accentuate the bold angles of your asymmetrical bangs.

Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs create a visual line that highlights cheekbones and adds angles to your face thanks to their cascading curves. The varied lengths and shapes help break up roundness and draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. 

Pro-tip: Style the rest of your hair in soft waves for a classically elegant look. If you keep your hair long, be careful not to create too much volume on the sides of your face that could make your face appear wider instead of longer.

Pixie Cut Bangs

A pixie cut is great for anyone with a round face and is especially effective if you want to create a longer or more heart-shaped face with short hair. The angles created by the cut draw the eye along a more heart-shaped path. Pixie cut bangs are slimming for round faces and the added texture near the top of your head creates visual height. This makes your face appear taller and less round. 

Layered bangs

Layered bangs add depth and dimension, elongating your face and creating a softer, more textured look. The layers help to break up the roundness while framing the sides of your face, creating more horizontal balance if you have narrow-set eyes. 

Pro-tip: Don’t settle for the standard! Layered bangs look fabulous on round faces with soft waves, loose curls, or a straight style.

Micro bangs

This edgy style can even out facial proportions if you have a larger forehead.  They draw attention to the upper part of your face and balance out roundness. To keep the focus on the micro bangs, make sure not to cut your hair even with your jawline, and style the rest of your hair in a sleek, straight style or a wavy look with minimal volume on the sides.

Faux bangs

Faux bangs give you a commitment-free option that allows you to experiment with multiple styles and not having to wait for your hair to grow out.  Instead of actually cutting your hair, use a hair tie to secure your hair up, then drape the section that will become the faux-bangs over your forehead to create the illusion of bangs to see how you like them. 

Pro-tip: There’s no limit to the style of faux bangs you can create.  Choose from a straight and sleek style, bounce loose curls, or luxurious soft waves to let your hair complement the illusion of the bangs without detracting from your overall look.

With these 11 bang styles for round faces you’re sure to find the look you’re looking for that accentuates your features and elongates your face. If you liked this article, subscribe to TELETIMES by adding your email address below.

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