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5 Things to Avoid With Long Hair Hairstyles for Sports

Long hair and sports do go together! It’s a matter of keeping your locks out of your face so you can focus on the game, allowing your shoulders to breath, and your hair from getting snagged. Creating a hairstyle that works is easy, it may be as simple as switching up braiding techniques or the type of styling tools you use.

Whether you’re styling your daughter’s hair, want to find something new to try, or you’re growing your hair out, here’s five tips to style your long hair before you get into the game!


Keep it High


Leaving hair on your shoulders doesn’t let them breathe. It sticks to sweat and becomes a mess. Not to mention your hair can be distracting if your sport involves rapid shifts from right to left like playing lacrosse and soccer, or running. That’s why keeping it high or off your shoulders is important for athletes.

A simple high bun works perfectly for this reason. It takes less than a minute to do, and can be undone once the game is over.

Secure It Behind Your Head

If your hair falls in your face, your game will be all over the place. That’s why you’ll want to secure it behind your head. Ponytails are a go-to, but they can slip and slide. If you French or Dutch braid the top section before styling a ponytail, the weave acts as a way to keep your hair back just in case the hair tie slips.

A standard high ponytail is a perfect option, or you could go with a Barbie ponytail for added depth and helping to ensure your hair stays off your shoulders as the flip through your hair tie in this style pushes the ponytail back further away from your head.

Keep Hair Flat or Helmet Free

When you need to wear a helmet or headgear like with wrestling, keeping your hair from getting snagged and the protective gear in place so it can do its job is key. Always do a helmet and headgear check after styling your hair and before you play.

Make sure it fits snug, sits correct, and can be removed without getting stuck in your locks. A ponytail if you have curly hair can get trapped in gear, so a low bun could be better. You don’t want to run to second, then need your eyes and head free only to find the helmet is snagged and painful to remove.

Another popular style could be a simple low braid which you secure with a tiny hair tie at the base. It only takes a second, sits flat against your back, and can let the helmet sit against your head correctly.

Spiral Hair Ties

Styling products like spiral hair ties are better than elastic because they can slide in and out of hair easier so you can let your hair down and put it back up without delay during the game. Elastic has a tendency to snag and rip, especially with long hair because of the weight and length, not to mention leave creases. 

Spiral hair ties like the options from TELETIES provide a strong-grip that doesn’t rip, while being easy to expand so they slide in and out of long hair quickly and easily. Best of all they can be cleaned with warm water and easily brought back to their original size if they stretch. And they come in team colors for some extra spirit in the game!

Avoid Too Much Washing

Long hair can trap in dirt and odor just like other hair lengths. It is tempting to wash your hair often when you’re an athlete to clean it, but long hair is different from short hair because sebum takes longer to coat it.

When sebum doesn’t reach the tips of your hair, it opens the cuticles letting moisture escape so your hair becomes more brittle or dry and prone to damage.

This is in addition to external stresses like UV damage from being in the sun while you play. That’s why athletes with long hair should wash their hair at the right frequency, and use a protective hair oil that can penetrate the follicles like argan or Vitamin E oil.

So for sports hairstyles, choose ones that can be styled and undone easily, that allow for dry shampoos or hair fragrances to be applied, and then have the style redone so you can keep your hair hygienic and reduce the amount of times you wash the sebum out. French braids are perfect for this.

Long hair and sports do go together! It’s a matter of having styles that work with the gear you’ll be using, the tools you choose, and that allow for proper care and hygiene routines. For more hair ideas like these, subscribe to our blog below.

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