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7 90’s Scrunchie Hairstyles That Are Trending Now

The 90’s are in the past, but the looks are iconic and have made a full comeback.  Let’s face it, they’re “all that, and a bag of chips!”  And good news, scrunchies never went out of style letting you combine one of the most iconic hair accessories with modern day patterns and colors.  But how do you choose which one is right for you?  That’s where we come in.

Instead of having to “ask Zandar” (a fortune telling board game from 1992), we’ve narrowed down the top 7 hairstyles from the 90’s that use a scrunchie and are on trend for today’s fashion. 

When you look below you’ll find each style broken out with skill level, hair length, and face shape included to make choosing the right look easy whether you’re going out at night or “chillaxing” at home.

High Bubble Ponytail

Hair Length: Medium to long
Skill Level: Mid-level
Face Shape: All

Bubble braids were all the rage in the 90’s and they’re back stronger than ever!  You can use tighter scrunchies for the bubbles for a classic 90’s look, or a single scrunchie at the top so it is more sleek and modern.  That’s the option we’re going with.

  1. Brush your hair to get rid of any tangles.
  2. Gather all your hair at the top of your head and secure it into a high ponytail with a hair tie.
  3. A few inches down from the first hair tie, secure another one.
  4. Gently tug at the hair between the two hair ties to create a “bubble”.
  5. Keep adding hair ties every few inches and forming bubbles until you reach the end of your ponytail.
  6. Once you’ve created all the bubbles, take your scrunchie and put it over the first hair tie at the top.

Side Ponytail

Hair Length: Medium to long
Skill Level: Beginner
Face Shape: Oval, heart, and long


One of the most iconic looks from the 90’s is the side ponytail.  And with asymmetrical hairstyles back in fashion, it’s the perfect combination of retro style and modern appeal.

  1. Decide which side you want your ponytail on.
  2. Brush your hair out so there’s no tangles or knots.
  3. Tilt your head to the side and gather all your hair over one shoulder.
  4. Hold your hair together at the nape of your neck, just below your ear on the side you chose.
  5. Secure the hair with a hair tie making sure it's tight enough to hold, but not so tight that it pulls on your scalp.
  6. Add a scrunchie over the base.

Half-up Scrunchie Bun

Hair Length: Short
Skill Level: Easy
Face Shape: All face shapes

Who doesn’t love a messy or a sleek bun?  They look great and are easy to do.  And when you top them off with a scrunchie you add a fun layer of fabric to keep the color scheme from your outfit flowing from head to toe.

  1. Start by brushing your hair to make sure it’s free of knots.
  2. Collect the top half of your hair, from about your ears up.
  3. Gather this section at the back of your head, and twist it into a small bun.
  4. Wrap your scrunchie and wrap around the bun to secure it. 
  5. Gently tug on the bun to make it a little looser and messier if you want more volume or a more casual feel.

Scrunchie French Braid

Hair Length: Long
Skill Level: Medium to advanced
Face Shape: All


If you’re looking for more texture than a ponytail, and want your hair down, the scrunchie French braid is for you.  It’s timeless, classic, and comfy at the same time.  And you can top it with a barrette hat to complete the look.

  1. Brush your hair to remove all tangles and knots.
  2. Secure your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck with a scrunchie.
  3. Now, divide your ponytail into three equal sections.
  4. Begin braiding your hair by crossing the right section over the middle, then the left section over the new middle. Keep doing this until you reach the end of your hair.
  5. Secure the end of the braid with a hair tie.
  6. Optional, add another scrunchie onto the braid a few inches above the bottom hair tie.  You can use the same color as the upper one, or a new one to keep the flow of your outfit carrying through.

Scarf and Scrunchie Braided Updo

Hair Length: Medium to Long
Skill Level: Advanced
Face Shape: All 


This is by far an iconic look for the 90’s that can be done a million ways.  If you prefer a ponytail, stop at step four. Stop at step 8 if you want a braided scarf and scrunchie ponytail, and continue to step 9 for the updo version.  Each looks vintage or modern depending on the print or color of the scarf you choose.

  1. Brush out any knots and tangles so your hair is smooth.
  2. Gather all your hair at the back of your head and secure it into a high ponytail with your scrunchie.
  3. Take a scarf of your choice and fold it multiple times lengthwise until it is roughly 2-3 inches wide.
  4. Wrap the scarf around the base of your ponytail, where the scrunchie is, and tie it into a knot or bow.
  5. Divide your ponytail into three sections.
  6. Now incorporate the two ends of the scarf into two of the sections so you have three parts again (two hair sections with scarf and one hair only).
  7. Braid your hair along with the scarf until you reach the end of your hair and secure it with a hair tie.
  8. Tuck the ends of the scarf into the braid or let them hang loose.
  9. To make this an updo, wrap the braid around the base of your ponytail to create a bun, and secure it with bobby pins.

Scrunchie Pigtails

Hair Length: Short
Skill Level: Easy
Face Shape: Round and heart


Seen in almost every music video, scrunchie pigtails are an iconic 90's look. They display incredibly well with uniquely colored hair, and can be done with all hair lengths. 

  1. Brush your hair so it’s smooth and tangle-free.
  2. Part your hair down the middle into two equal sections.
  3. Gather the hair just above your ear on one side and use a scrunchie to secure this section into a pigtail.
    1. If your hair is really short, you might only need to wrap the scrunchie once.
  4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other side of your head.

Pro-tip: Use bobby pins to pin back any stray hairs that aren’t long enough to reach the scrunchie.

High Puff

Hair Length: Medium to Long
Skill Level: Mid-level
Face Shape: All 


Have curly and coily hair, we’ve got you covered!  This look is a retro and modern style that sits comfy, looks fab, and is perfect for school, a night out, or relaxing at home.  There is no wrong occasion for a scrunchie high puff.

  1. Brush your hair free of tangles.
  2. Add moisturizer or leave-in conditioner to your hair to help make it more manageable.
  3. sweep your hair up towards the top of your head with a brush. Soft bristles give a sleek look.
  4. Place a large hair band around your neck, but make sure it does not choke you.
  5. Slide the band up to your forehead and then push it back up until it’s holding all your hair in a puff at the top of your head.
  6. Adjust the band so that it's secure while making sure it isn’t too tight.
  7. Fluff the puff to the shape you like using your fingers or a hair pick.
  8. Add a scrunchie at the base for the extra bit of flair and style.

The 90’s are back, and now you have a 90’s scrunchie hairstyle to complete your look. Like this post? Subscribe to the TELETIMES blog below for more style ideas.

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