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9 Unique Gifts for Hairdressers Under $20

Finding gifts for hairdressers is easy, once you find the right inspiration.  It needs to be something that makes their lives easier either at work, or to help them relax off their feet once they get home.  Hairdresser gifts can be fashion forward since their clients like to keep up with trends, or beneficial to their everyday lives. That’s what we considered when putting together the criteria that matters to a stylist. 

And most importantly, we don’t want to break the bank, so each hairdresser gift on this list has at least one option under $20. 

To make the list we made sure each hairdresser gift has most of the following criteria:

  • Can be used at work
  • Has personality or customization to match individual styles
  • Makes their work life or home life easier
  • Can help them based on their profession whether it is at work or after
  • Won’t take up space as they only have a workstation to hold products
  • Normally has an option under $20 including when it is on sale

If you’re ready to find the perfect gift for your stylist, here’s our top choices in no particular order.

Customized Hairdresser Apron

Nobody wants to stain their favorite shirt, or have to find a space for their tools. Luckily there is almost always a sale on personalized aprons for hairstylists at Etsy.  Today (8/23/2023) I found this one for under $20.  The apron is customizable with your hairdressers name, has hooks and pockets for tools, brushes, and storage, and it comes in multiple fun colors to match their style.


  • Functional
  • Protects their clothing
  • Can be customized to their needs
  • Ships fast 


  • Not everyone likes aprons
  • It only has four color options
  • Personalization Increases the price to $24.90 (as of today)

customized apron gift for hairdressers

Theraflow Foot Massager

Your stylist is on their feet all day. This gift gives them and their feet a nice break from the stress of standing for long periods of time.  As of today it is $17.99 (8/23/2023), and it has 4 and a half stars on Amazon with 34,449 ratings. When we took the screenshot, it was on sale under $15.

If this one isn’t on sale when you’re shopping, don’t worry, there are plenty of equally fantastic options.  You may even find a vibrating foot bath which your hairdresser may enjoy more.


  • Relaxation and comfort after standing all day
  • Glowing reviews online
  • It is thoughtful and something unexpected


  • Not everyone likes foot massages
  • It may not match their home decor

foot massager gift idea for hairdressers


Of course we’re biased, but TELETIES hair ties make the perfect gift for hairdressers. There’s always a new collection launching with stunning prints and colors, not to mention they’re safe for all hair types.  This is one of the many reasons Hairdressers recommend them to clients, and why clients love giving them to Stylists as gifts.  

Stylists love them because they can sync the colors with their outfits, they don't cause hair creases, they’re easy to clean so they can use them all day on multiple clients, and TELETIES regain their shape by placing them in warm water.  Your stylist will have a fashionable bracelet that also helps them style your hair, so it’s really a gift for both of you!


  • Unique colors that match their individual styles
  • They can be used at work and as an accessory after work
  • Long lifespan


  • Some collections are limited runs, so the same style may not be available if they want more
  • They may forget to take them back, and if it was from a limited collection, it may no longer be available when they go to shop (but they'll find new collections, so it's still a win-win situation)

TELETIES gift for hairdressers

Shear Sharpener Kit

Waiting for a professional sharpener to arrive, and on time, doesn’t always happen.  The clients can come early or late, and the hairdresser needs to be ready to keep everyone on track.  Unsharpened shears make that impossible.  That’s only one of the reasons a portable shear sharpener makes a great gift.  

The stylist can sharpen in the morning, on break, or as needed, and they’ll be saving money because they’ll be less reliant on a professional sharpener to come around.  Check amazon’s deal of the day, as well as beauty supply stores.  Just make sure the sharpeners work for hair shears and are not designed for cooking, fabric, or crafting.  You'll find a ton of options available at local beauty supply stores, on amazon, or on Etsy for personalized options.


  • Save time and money
  • Never have dull shears causing cuts to take longer
  • It is thoughtful and unique


  • The price points can be high for the best
  • Larger ones won’t fit in a drawer or work station


This Scissors Coffee Mug

If they like tea or coffee, this is sure to make them smile as it “cuts” into their morning routine!  It’s just the right amount of fun and function to start their day, and to help keep their energy up for a midday caffeine boost.  They’ll be the talk of the salon with their fancy new mug, and you’ll be the reason they wake up each morning and smile.  Here's the one from the image below:


  • It is fun and functional
  • Interesting design
  • Will look fabulous in a workstation


  • Not everyone drinks tea or coffee
  • They may already have a lot of coffee mugs

barber shears coffee cup

Personalized Water Bottle

If coffee and tea aren’t their thing, we all need to keep hydrated.  And what better way to do it than a personalized hairdresser themed water bottle?  This one comes from Etsy, but you can find multiple ones all over the internet in shapes, sizes, and colors.  And when you find one on sale like the one below (it is $17.50 on August 18, 2023), you may have a bit of money left for metal straws.  They’re trendy and reusable for a fashion-forward and eco-friendly alternative to plastic.


  • It’s a gift for their health
  • Fun, fashionable, and functional
  • Themed to match their work station


  • Water bottles need cleaned and that can be a hassle
  • They may already have a collection of them

personalized hairdresser water bottle gift

Scissor Bracelets, Label Pins, or Earrings

There’s no shortage of options on ETSY and other crafting market places for really cute or masculine scissor jewelry.  You can find ear studs, pins for an apron, bracelets, and more.  Best of all there’s almost always a sale on a few of them, especially as the holidays approach.

They’re unique gifts that fit into the work theme, and they can be talking pieces for wearing while having fun.  It’s something unique your hair dresser will love, and a definite must on our gift guide. The one in the photo below is at $19.38 as of today (August 18th, 2023) but there are lots of options and customizable ones you can find in the $20 and under range.


  • It’s unique
  • Can be worn at work and for fashion after
  • Many styles are customizable with their name


  • Not everyone likes jewelry
  • Customization normally brings the price up

scissors bracelet gift for hairdressers

Hair Dryer Business Card Holders

Next time you sit in the barber chair, look to see how their business cards are displayed.  You may see them in a drawer or sitting in a plain, boring, plastic holder.  Why not spruce it up with a themed display?  It’s functional, reminds them to hand you an appointment reminder, or a card for referrals, and it is more fun than a standard stand.  

We found these fun versions available on eBay for under $20, and there are plenty more options for you to select from online.  There’s a plethora of colors, sizes, and styles, so you’re sure to find one that matches your hairdresser’s personal taste.


  • Helps build their business
  • Looks fun and matches a workstation
  • Reminds them to hand out business cards and appointment reminders


  • If space is limited, this may not fit
  • Business cards are not environmentally friendly unless printed on recycled paper
hairdryer business card holder gift idea

Mario Badescu (or other) Hand Cream

Working with chemicals, dyes, even spraying water and touching hair means a lot of hand washing, and a lot of wear and tear on your stylist’s skin.  A thoughtful way to thank them is a quality hand cream that soothes and moisturizes. 

My personal favorite is Mario Badescu, but that’s because it works for my skin type.  I go with Lavender because I like the relaxing fragrance.  But to play it safe since you’re shopping for a gift for your hairdresser, go with a scent free option that is also hypoallergenic. This way you don’t accidentally buy something they cannot use. 

Best of all, hand creams are inexpensive leaving you room to throw in some bath bombs or other spa gifts.  They spend their days helping others look beautiful and relax, you can return the favor.


  • They’ll get a useful product that alleviates skin problems
  • It is thoughtful and shows you care
  • You’re returning a favor and helping them with some self-care


  • They may be allergic to scents and ingredients
  • Stylists may already have a sample drawer filled with creams and lotions
lavender handcream as a gift

Shopping for gifts for hairdressers doesn’t have to be tricky, the gift just needs to be functional and meaningful.  We hope these nine ideas can help inspire you to find the perfect one for your stylist, and when push comes to shove, TELETIES are always a hit.  Click here to view our latest collections.

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