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An Easy-to-Do and Simply Stunning Chignon

Chignon buns are most known for their intricate designs, or as the go-to bridal hairstyle when the bride doesn’t want an updo. But they can be modified for any occasion and every special occasion, including this version that is easy to do and perfect for long hair. The style is braided so it adds texture and flow unlike the sleek style.

And for this look you’ll be using adornments on a string which can be anything to match the occasion or your style.  A string of LED lights works for a music festival, and small flowers for a renaissance vibe.  You could even style for the season with pearls, snowflakes, ribbons, and more.  Because this chignon variation can leave your bangs out, it works for all face shapes to frame the way you like.

If you’re ready to create this style, here’s how to do it.

You will need:

To create this look:

  1. Brush your hair to smooth out knots and tangles.
  2. Pull your hair back leaving bangs if you’d like, and separate it in the back into two sections.
  3. Secure each section with the hair ties like you’re doing two low ponytails.
  4. Take the string with adornments and clip it from the middle between the two sections with the clip's wings facing upwards so it can be removed before you wrap the bun.
  5. Starting with one side, separate your hair into two sections and use the string as the middle strand for the braid.
  6. Weave your hair over the middle string like you’re doing a French braid and secure it at the bottom with a tiny hair tie. Now do the other side making sure the weave is even.
  7. Tease the weave to add volume if you’d like and remove the hair clip as the adornment is now secured in the weave.
  8. Start with one side and wrap it over the base of the two braids from underneath to over the top like you’re doing a hair bun, then secure it in place with a couple bobby pins.
  9. Now wrap the other side over the first bun to make it larger, or use it to create more depth by forming a spiral over the bun base from the first ponytail.
  10. Now secure it in place with a few more bobby pins, and tuck the remaining hair into the middle.
  11. Use a finishing spray to keep flyaways from falling out if you’d like.

There’s a lot of steps to create this style, but it is easy enough for everyone to do. If you found this style guide helpful, subscribe below and we’ll send you more as we update the blog.

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