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Eating Almonds and Almond Oil Are Equally Good for Hair

Both eating almonds and using almond oil on your hair is good for you, the difference in when to use which is based on the goal of using them. If you want to soothe dry skin and lock in moisture, then putting almond oil on your scalp is better for you than eating almonds. And if you want to focus on internal health for growing your hair, then nutrition from almonds in your diet will be better.

Fun fact: Almonds aren’t nuts, they’re seeds of a fruit (technically called a drupe in botany).

The reason why almonds and almond oils are great for your hair are from these nutrients which are found in both:

  • Vitamin E
  • Monounsaturated fats
  • Fiber
  • Biotin
  • Phytonutrients–flavonoids, plant sterols, phenolic acids

How almond oil is good for your hair and scalp

Almond oil provides multiple benefits for your scalp and hair, including protection from UV damage. The oil can help protect hair follicles by acting as an emollient to seal in scalp moisture helping to prevent an itchy, dry scalp.

Since almond oil doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft, it doesn’t help with hair protein loss like coconut or argan oil, but it has been shown to help with the elasticity of hair by filling in the gaps between the cuticle layers of your hair. Filling these gaps can help prevent excess breakage from normal wear and tear whether you’re putting your hair up for a soccer match, or using a towel to dry your hair before bed.

Also, if you’re fighting a bout of dandruff, almond oil comes with anti-bacterial properties that treats flaky skin, may help counteract cellular aging caused by oxidative stress, and may help to remove dead cells from your scalp. Just be careful using too much almond oil if you have naturally oily hair. Because the oil does not penetrate your hair shafts, it could lead to excess build up and a dirty, heavy, and greasy look.

Bonus tip: there are 2 types of almond oil, bitter and sweet. You should only use the sweet type as bitter is not recommended for either putting on your skin or ingesting through your diet.

Benefits From Eating Almonds

Your body gets the same nutrients from eating almonds, but the nutrients through your diet have different benefits for your hair. Almonds are a top source for Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), which your body needs to metabolize fats and protein so it can synthesize the keratin your hair follicles use to grow hair. And since almonds have more protein content than other nuts (we’re talking about the colloquial, not the botany definition here), that Riboflavin can get to work right away.

Almonds are also high in fiber, which can help you feel full to quell cravings that often cause you to eat excess sugar that’s bad for your hair. As a bonus, studies have shown that eating more fiber can make you less likely to die from any cause, which would immediately stop your hair growth altogether.

Are Organic Almonds Better Than Non-Organic for Hair?

Most of the buzz on organically grown food (and its benefits for your body, skin, and hair) comes from anecdotal sources or is backed by large marketing budgets, but this study looked at the differences in nutrient composition between organic and conventionally grown almonds.

The study found some statistically significant differences in the oil content and the aroma compounds that give almonds their smell and flavor, but not in protein content or other factors.

Whether this difference of oil and aroma compounds makes a difference will have to remain a point of opinion for now though since there isn’t specific scientific research on how the organically grown almonds or almond oil affect your body directly.

Alternatives and Additives for Almond Oil for Hair

If you’re allergic to almonds, you can get many of the same benefits by substituting rose hip oil, avocado oil, or even shea butter. And whether you’re allergic or not, you can add in some extra antioxidant protection by mixing in vitamin C to the oil before rubbing it on your scalp. The vitamin C will also help your body produce collagen and fight off free radicals, plus, your body absorbs vitamin C better through the skin than through your diet.

Both using almond oil on your hair and scalp and eating almonds are great for healthy hair, just great in different ways. If you enjoyed the info in this article, subscribe to the TELETIMES blog to get more healthy hair tips just like it.

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