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Green Tea and Healthy Hair, a Perfect “Matcha”

Whether you drink it or use hair products with it, green tea is great for your hair thanks to its antioxidants like epicatechin and EGCG that protect your scalp and hair from inflammation and environmental damage. And it has caffeine which helps prevent hair loss.

As a hair superfood, green tea also helps reduce sebum production to fight oily hair according to this study, and it keeps stress at bay, and less stress may prevent premature grays!

Although all green tea can be healthy for your hair, the matcha variety provides your body with even more antioxidants, more amino acids, and more caffeine per dose.

Fun fact: The main difference between matcha and regular green tea is that matcha is grown in the shade, which boosts the chlorophyll levels and gives matcha the bright green color.

Green tea is rich with antioxidants known as polyphenols in the form of catechan compounds including EGCG. These help your body fight free radicals and oxidative damage that hurt hair growth from inside the scalp and also cause inflammatory issues like dandruff and psoriasis that hinder healthy hair on the outside.

Over time, these issues can cause premature aging of your hair follicles, which leads to hair loss. Thankfully, green tea can help combat this thanks to its potent phytochemical EGCG. Stress is another cause of premature ageing, which causes hairs to go gray early, but green tea comes to the rescue again by boosting your mood and reducing stress.

The tea itself has almost no calories, but adding excess sugar which is bad for your hair can undo all the healthy hair benefits. And you don’t want to brew too much since green tea has caffeine, but you will be safe with up to 8 cups per day.

And when you use green tea topically in a shampoo or lotion for healthy hair benefits as you'll see in this study.  Topical applications can significantly reduce UV damage to your scalp and also reduce sebum production to help maintain oily hair problems. Plus the caffeine helps stimulate hair follicle growth!

So now that you know how green tea helps grow healthy hair, you might think twice about a cold brew over a green tea on your next coffee shop order. And if you liked this article, subscribe to the TELETIMES blog to get more like it!

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