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How to Do Half-Up Half-Down Space Buns

Ready to rock an “out-of-this world” half-up half-down hairstyle?  Then this look is for you!  From a “pluto-nic” night out with friends at a music festival, to a date at “star-bucks”, styling half-up half-down space buns is fast, easy, and elevates your style “sky high”

Best of all, half-up half-down space buns work for all types of hair, and each face shape and hair length.  This is because it is easy to add bangs for framing and to pull the top section back keeping it sleek.  

And this look isn’t just for fun.  Going formal? f Matching this style with long and curly bangs, the knots on top accent these face frames perfectly.  If you enjoy a sleek and starry look, swoop your locks back and pull the center of your half-down section into a claw hair clip for a cascading comet-like ponytail that adds volume and texture.  And you can add rhinestones like shining stars.

There’s no shortage of styles or options letting half-up half-down space buns give you as many looks as there are stars in the sky.  So If you’re ready to try an advanced version of traditional space buns, let’s “blast off” and “rocket-to-it!”

You will need:

The steps to do half-up half-down space buns:

  1. Brush or comb out any knots or tangles from your hair.
  2. Section half of your hair horizontally across half of your head, and separate your hair evenly into two sections.
    1. You can zig zag the split with the rat tail comb for a more textured and spacey look.
  3. Secure each of the two top sections into a high pigtail or wherever you want the space buns to be.
    1. Make sure they are evenly spaced before tying the first bun so your style is symmetrical.
  4. Twist the ponytail on one side until it starts to coil, wrap it around the ponytail base for the bun, and tuck the end in.
  5. Now repeat on the other side for a matching hair bun.
  6. Last use your fingers or a brush to remove tangles and knots from the lower portion of the hairstyle and style it to match your look.

Half-up Half-down space buns are easy to do and only take a few minutes once you get good at them.  And if you found this fun and fashion-forward style guide helpful, subscribe to the TELETIMES blog below for more just like it.

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