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Is Cold Water Good for Your Hair?

Yes, cold water is good for your hair when used for a quick, final rinse because it helps close the cuticle layer of your hair shaft, which helps prevent frizz, and makes light reflect evenly off of your hair for that movie-star shine. 

On the other hand, ONLY using cold water is actually bad for your hair because it won't melt the lipids in your hair, and your shampoo will be less effective at cleaning away the buildup from hair products, or from your body's naturally produced sebum mixing with dirt and dead skin cells. Also, prolonged exposure to cold water can irritate and dry out your scalp. When your scalp is dry it can become itchy, and when you scratch you’ll be irritating it further and potentially ripping hairs out making it appear you’re shedding.  

But don't dial up the heat just yet. There's a direct link between water temperature increasing and scalp irritation increasing according to this study at the NIH. And hot water (around 104 degrees, like a hot, hot tub) also causes your hair's cuticle layer to open up, which waterlogs your hair and leads to premature breakage. Plus, if you color your hair, this open cuticle layer allows easy access inside the hair shaft for the surfactants in your shampoo to strip away the color molecules.

The best water temperature for your hair is based on the step in your hygiene routines.  Wash with warm water between 90 to 100° to melt the lipids (especially built up sebum) and help your shampoo wash away the dirt and grime, and then use a conditioner with a cold water rinse to seal down your hair's cuticles for a frizz-free, super shine hair day.  And that is when cold water is good for your hair.

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