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Style a Grecian Goddess Updo in 5 Simple Steps

From Athena to Aphrodite, Grecian goddesses are known for power, presence, and iconic looks. Their names transcend time, and so do the hairstyles! If you’re ready to rock a modern twist with an ancient name, this style guide is for you!

The Grecian goddess updo is perfect for summer as it keeps your hair off your shoulders, and looks great for formal wear when you adorn it with hair accessories and accent pieces.

Because it holds flat on top and your locks in place, you can enjoy it with a hat or while playing sports. Once you get good at the basic version, add braids for texture, adornments for style, and even a chignon bun in back for formal wear.

You will need:

To create this look:

  1. Smooth out your hair by brushing it and let it fall naturally.
  2. Place the headband over your head like it's a queen’s crown, and secure it in place with the mini hair clips somewhere between your temples and ears, but closer to your temples.
  3. Section your hair starting front to back, and tuck each section into the headband going from under the band and over, to create the rolling rope texture.
  4. Now repeat on the other side and make sure the strands and rolls are even.
  5. Last tuck the back of your hair into the headband to complete your updo.

If you want to keep flyaways at bay, give a gentle spritz with a finishing or light hairspray.

Pro-tip: You can turn this into a half-up half-down hairstyle by leaving the back portion down, or add a ponytail for some depth. The barbie ponytail where you flip your hair over the loop, or a braided version may work best.

And that’s it. This style is literally timeless and works for casual to formal, and athletic situations. If you enjoyed this guide and want more, subscribe to TELETIMES by entering your email below.

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