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Which Hair Brush Designs Are Best for Curly Hair

Not all brushes are good for curly hair.  If there’s too much friction it can pull styled curls out, and curly hair (type 3) is more prone to tangles than straight hair (type 1), so the bristles need to be made from flexible materials.  Click here to learn about the types of hair, then continue reading to discover the best types of hair brushes that work for curly hair and why.

To make sure each brush is curly hair friendly, each one has to be able to do at least a few of the following to alleviates common curly hair problems:

  • Detangle
  • Distribute sebum properly
  • Reduce friction and pulling
  • Have flexible bristles or a cushion that can adjust to prevent snags
  • Helps to control frizz
  • Works to add volume to the top of your hair

Detangler Brushes

This universal style is especially good for curly hair since curly hair is more prone to tangles and knots.  Just like the name implies, it is designed specifically to detangle.  Detanglers use flexible bristles and sometimes have a cushion, unles stiff bristled brushes.  Many will be paddle shaped. 

Regardless of the hair brush you choose for styling, you’ll need a detangler if you have non-natural curls as the more friction you run through your hair, the harder it is for the heat or chemical to hold your curls.  And if your hair is naturally curly, this will get the tangles out with less “ouch” moments and pulling.

Thermal Brush

Do you use heat to curl your hair?  Thermal brushes are your new best friend.  Just like a quality hair iron, thermal hair brushes are round and made from the same base materials like titanium, tourmaline, or ceramic. 

The core of the brush conducts heat to help shape, smooth, and style your hair faster.  And the faster you get the heat out of your hair, the less damage you may do.  

But that doesn’t mean you should turn the heat up, always stick in a 250 - 300 degree range.  Read your hair iron manual to choose the right heat setting for your hair type.

Curved Brushes for Thick Hair 

If your hair is thick and you don’t have natural curls, you’re about to fall in love with curved brushes, especially with vents.  The shape is designed to hold more hair, the vents allow heat to pass through for faster drying (less heat damage), and the larger size moves sebum through your hair more efficiently for proper distribution.  Proper sebum distribution helps to prevent dryness which is a common curly hair issue.

Nylon and Boar Bristle Brushes

You don’t have to settle for either shine or scalp stimulation.  There’s mixed bristle paddle brushes that can let you detangle your natural curls while adding that movie star shine curly hair is known for.  And best of all there’s another benefit. 

Boar hair bristles distribute sebum evenly, which is important as curly hair makes it harder for the sebum to reach the tip, and the nylon detangles your hair for less brush strokes through.  It’s the ultimate curly hair brush for function, but nylon and boar bristle brushes don’t help you style as well as a round or thermal.

Glove Hair Brushes

Many styles of hair gloves can be used dry or in the shower, and because they’re literally your hands, you have more control.  The bristles or spikes provide a nice massage and stimulation to your scalp, and you can smooth through your curls with your hands helping to detangle without as much struggle compared to holding a handle.

Paddle Brushes with Cushions

Sometimes flexibility, properly spaced and flexible bristles, and an easy to grip handle are all you need.  And that’s why paddle brushes are your go-to and all-purpose hair brush for curly hair. 

You can smooth out tangles, distribute sebum, and the bristles bend and work through your locks with less friction.  The cushion makes it extra gentle on your scalp, and additional flexibility for the bristles which is perfect for your curls.

Curly hair brushes are all about detangling, keeping sebum distributed so your locks don’t dry out, and reducing the amount of brush strokes to keep your curls in tact.  The styles above are perfect to keep your curls bouncing, shiny, and looking fabulous.  For more tips like these, subscribe to our blog below.

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