Hair Clips

TELETIES hair clips are designed to bend, and be nearly unbreakable, while holding your hair comfortably all day long. The collections include standard neutral colors to match any look, and feature fun seasonal styles to keep your look fresh. If you want the ultimate claw hair clip for your hair collection, look below and add to cart today!

Collection header image shape hair clips
Jet Black Large Hair Clip - Large Hair Clip - TELETIES

Classic Jet Black Large Hair Clip



Jet Black Medium Hair Clip - Medium Hair Clip - TELETIES

Classic Jet Black Medium Hair Clip



Jet Black Tiny Hair Clip - Tiny Hair Clip - TELETIES

Classic Jet Black Tiny Hair Clip



FAQs about TELETIES Hair Clips

Ready for a hair clip that is comfy to wear, doesn’t slip, snag or snap, and is perfect for all hair types?  Then TELETIES claw hair clips are for you!

Each one is made from a bendable and custom formulated nylon material safe for all hair types, and kids to adults. The colors and patterns are stylish and because they’re TELETIES, you know they are built to last as they're nearly unbreakable when used on thick or long hair. And selecting the best hair clip for your hair is easy. 

If you have thin or short hair, or simply want to style a braid, go with the tiny hair clips. Have medium length or thick hair, claw clips in the medium size are right for you. And if you have thick, long and wavy hair, the large hair clips are about to become your new favorite hair accessories.

What type of hair are TELETIES claw hair clips good for?

TELETIES hair clips are good for all types of hair.  If you have thick and wavy hair, try the large hair clips.  If your hair is fine or thin, the medium or tiny size will work great for you, depending on the length of your hair and style you’re creating.

Are hair clips better than hair ties?

Yes, hair clips are better for your hair than an elastic and some traditional hair ties as they do not pull as aggressively on the follicles and they have less chance of fraying your hair.  Spiral hair ties however are designed to not pull, tug or damage your hair.  

Hair ties are better for your hair than hair clips if you need something that holds in place while playing sports, to keep your hair back while doing chores or running errands, and for keeping your hair out of your face if you’re cleaning it or applying makeup.

What is a claw clip?

A claw hair clip refers to any hair clip that has teeth to grip your hair, wings to expand, and springs or a device to bring them back together forming a claw to hold your hair in place.  They can be open claw clips, closed like our classic claw hair clips above, and some have unique names and shapes like banana clips.

Are claw clips good for thin or fine hair?

Yes, claw clips can be good for fine or thin hair as the teeth will be able to lock into the hair and hold it in place helping to reduce sliding.  You’ll want to go with a medium or tiny size as these will be able to hold your hair more effectively since your locks won’t need as much space.

Which size should I buy for thick hair?

The large claw clips will be best for you if you have thick hair.  The large size will give you more space to hold your strands and more depth for you to flip your hair through if you’re doing a style like a French twist.