Medium Hair Clips

Each medium hair clip below is about to become your new go-to hair accessory! Perfect for all hair types, TELETIES claw clips are the fun, fashionable, and functional hair clip you’ve been looking for. They hold fine hair strong For a french twist, and are perfect for a ponytail if you have thick and wavy locks. Choose from classic claw, open, and more!

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FAQs about TELETIES Claw Hair Clips

If you’re tired of replacing your favorite claw clips because they break in your medium length or thick hair, you’re in the right place! Each claw clip from TELETIES is made from a custom nylon material designed to bend, but not break, and hold medium length and thick hair in place.

Unlike traditional plastic which snaps, TELETIES hair clips are built to last, not to mention comfortable to wear. And because they’re TELETIES brand, you know they’ll slide in and out of your hair easy giving you a strong-grip, no-slip and comfy hold whether you need it for 10 minutes or told hold your hair for hours.

If you’re stuck choosing which hair clip to buy, the claw hair clips on this page are perfect for medium length hair. If you have long hair or very thick hair, choose large hair clips. If your hair is medium and thin or short, go with the small clips size. And check back often as we always have new styles of claw hair clips launching.

Are TELETIES claw hair clips good for thin hair?

Yes, the medium size clips from TELETIES are the best for thin hair.  Each has layers of teeth that are bendable so they can grip thin or fine hair tightly and not slip.  And because the material is a bendable nylon, it won’t scratch or hurt like a plastic hair clip would.  You get a strong hold all day, without the scratching or headaches of a traditional claw clip.

Are Claw Clips Better Than Hair Ties?

Claw clips are better than hair ties if you need to hold your hair back while washing your face or applying makeup, or you don’t need an all day hold.  Claw hair clips are also better than hair ties if you have damaged or frayed hair and do not have spiral hair ties which are safer than traditional elastic hair ties that can pull damaged hair too tight and fray or break it.

Do claw clips damage your hair?

If your claw clip is lightweight and made from materials that do not pull, tug or fray your hair, then they will not damage your hair.  If your claw hair clip has weight because of decorative items, extensions, or they pull your follicles, they can damage your hair.  

If you want a claw hair clip that does not damage your hair look for one that is made from bendable materials like nylon that can more easily slide in and out of your hair than stiff plastics, while not pulling or tugging when in use.  You also want to avoid rough materials that scrape your scalp and cause you to scratch your head as this further strains your hair and scalp potentially causing more damage and irritation.