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4 Twisted Ponytail Ideas, And How to Do Them (Guide)

Ready to take a standard ponytail and elevate it to new levels?  The twisted ponytail is for you!  Just like the braided ponytail, the twisted variation adds texture and flare to this classic look. And best of all there are no shortage of ways to make your twisty ponytail as unique as your style.

Try twisting crown braids along the sides of your head and combining them into the base of a twisted ponytail, or bubble braid for a fun and flowing look. Go with a standard style for a quick and easy look that stands out from the crowd.  And you can add ribbons or accessories to bring pops of color, and keep your outfit coordinated literally from head to toe.

Here’s How to do a Twisted Ponytail

You will need:

The steps:

  1. Brush your hair to remove tangles and smooth it out.
  2. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail and secure it with the large or medium hair tie.
  3. Separate the ponytail into two strands.
  4. Take the two strands in the middle and begin twisting them so they become like ropes, but not so much that they begin to coil.
  5. While you’re twisting, wrap them around each other in a circular motion so they form the twisted weave shape.
  6. Continue until you reach the base and secure it with a hair tie.
  7. Use a finishing spray to prevent flyaways, and add some shine.

Once you’ve mastered this basic twisted high ponytail, it’s time to have some fun!  Here’s four variations of the classic twisty ponytail.  Each style starts with brushing your hair until it is smooth, so we’ll skip listing that step.

French Twist Ponytail

The French twist ponytail is a sleek and modern low ponytail.  It holds tight against your head while adding texture and movement to your style.  Best of all its an easy look to create once you get the hang of the twists.

  • Pull your hair back to a low or mid level ponytail and hold it with one hand.
  • Take the other hand and begin twisting your hair so it gets thick and turns into a cylinder but does not coil, similar to a hair clip French twist.
  • Bring it to the nape of your neck and fan the strands from the large twist over the bottom for a clean and sleek cover over the lower part of the ponytail.
    • Note, the rest of the ponytail should be below the French twist.
  • Secure the French twist ponytail with bobby pins under the main twist through the side to keep it locked into place.
  • Now you can divide the lower portion of the ponytail into two separate strands and twist them into a twisty low ponytail, then secure it with a tiny hair tie, or leave it hanging straight.
  • Use a finishing spray to keep your twisty French twist ponytail sleek and add shine.

Single Twist High Ponytail

This variation is easier to do than the one above, and looks really cool.  The single twisty ponytail adds texture and something different to the traditional high pony, and it doesn’t take long to do.

  1. Pull your hair back so it is flat against your head and secure it at the crown where you want the high ponytail to begin.
  2. Take two strands from your ponytail and begin twisting them like the standard twisted ponytail and wrap them into the twist shape until you reach the base. 
  3. At the bottom of the twisted portion, secure it with a neutral colored hair tie (TELETIES For the Love of Nudes tiny is perfect here)
  4. Combine and blend in with the remainder of the ponytail

Boho Crown Twisted Ponytail

This look is perfect for school, music festivals, and summer fun.  It’s light, friendly, unique, and a perfect look for any casual occasion.   

  1. On the left or right side of your hair, gather two small sections of hair from the front and begin twisting them until they are like little ropes and twist them around each other.
  2. Add another small section of hair from behind the first twist, and twist it in.  This is like the braided bubble crown in our guide to half-up half-down bubble braids tutorial, but you don’t need the additional hair ties.
  3. Repeat this until you reach the back of your head where you want the regular ponytail to be and secure it with a large barrette or alligator hair clip. 
  4. Now do the other side.
  5. Once you finish both sides, take out the hair clips and secure them in a ponytail with a hair tie, and add a scrunchie if you want a pop of fabric and color.

And now you know how to do twisted ponytails, and have options to keep the look fun and original.  Did you enjoy this style guide? Subscribe to our blog for more!

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