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5 Long Hair Hairstyles for Summer 2024

Looking for a new long hair hairstyle for this summer? From the beach to an Olympics watch party, we’ve got you covered with five long hair looks that are trending to keep your style game strong all summer long. Each one is easy to do and works with all face shapes as you can leave bangs out for face framing.

The 90’s are back this year keeping scrunchies and claw clips fashion forward, and so are textures like braids. Because it's summer you’ll want your hair off your shoulders so they can breathe while making sure your look carries from BBQs to parties, and playing sports. Here’s our top five picks.

Low Pigtails

You cannot go wrong with a classic low pigtail style. And you can turn them into bubble braids, French braids, or leave them loose. Just make sure to use spiral hair ties like ours to add pops of color that match your bathing suit or day time look.

They’re perfect for games like corn hole, watching fireworks, or hanging out and roasting smores with friends at a beach bonfire as the style stays comfy all day long and requires little to no adjusting.

  1. Run a brush through your hair to smooth out tangles and knots.
  2. Part your hair down the center and pull both sections to the back of your head where you want each pigtail to start.
  3. Secure the first pigtail against the back of your head with the spiral hair tie, and then style the bottom section.
  4. Now do the other side so it matches.

French Braid with a Ponytail

french braided ponytail

For a sporty summer look that is comfy to wear, easy to style, and holds whether you’re playing softball, surfing, or having fun with friends is a combination French braid on top and ponytail on the bottom.

The French braid portion holds your hair down so you can add a helmet for batting or keep your hair in place while deflecting a spike. The ponytail in the lower portion keeps your hair behind you and off your shoulders so you can focus on fun.

  1. Brush the tangles and knots out of your hair.
  2. Take three sections of hair from the front of your head, or start in the back so you have a sleek top, and weave them starting with the right side over the center, then the left.
  3. Add another section of hair from below and continue the process until you reach the back of your head just above the nape.
  4. Secure the section with a no-slip hair tie and then style the ponytail.

Braided Pigtails

braided pigtails

Nothing says BBQ or summer party fun like braided side pigtails. You have the texture of the braids with the standard pigtail making it an easy to style and fun summer look. You can also choose between letting them lay backwards or keeping them over the front of your shoulders, whichever is more comfortable for you.

  1. Run a brush or comb through your hair to remove tangles and knots.
  2. Separate your hair down the middle to have an even section on each side.
  3. On the first side, secure the pigtail at the top with a hair tie and gather about ⅓ of the section and split it into three sections.
  4. Now braid these three section and you can secure them with a smaller hair tie at the bottom, or let the braid come out naturally throughout the day.
  5. Last do the other side and make sure they’re even.

Half-up Half-down Space Buns

A long hair classic is the half-up half-down, and you cannot get any more summer fun than space buns. It’s an easy style to create and works perfect for any casual or festival event.

  1. Smooth any tangles or knots out of your hair with a brush or comb.
  2. Separate your hair vertically around the height of your temples and then separate the top section again into an even right and left section.
  3. Start with one side and secure it into a ponytail with a hair tie where you want the space bun to sit.
  4. Twist the ponytail into a soft coil and then wrap it around the base of the ponytail to form a bun, then secure the tip into the bun and secure the bun with another hair tie.
  5. Now do the other side so it is even with the first.
  6. Style the lower section of hair by either combing it out straight, adding waves, or whatever look you prefer.

Bubble Braids

They’re fun, easy to style, and work for all face shapes as you can leave bangs out. Bubble braids have texture and the pops of color from the hair clips, scrunchies, or hair ties make the style fun for summer. You can even incorporate adornments, flowers, or LED lights for added flare.

  1. Use a brush or comb to remove any tangles or knots in your hair.
  2. Pull your hair to the crown of your head, or the side for a side bubble braid and secure it with a hair tie.
  3. About two inches down add another hair tie, hair clip, or scrunchie, and then tease the bubble to the shape you want.
  4. Repeat this process until you reach the bottom of the bubble braid and secure it with a tiny hair tie.

And now your set for a summer with five easy-to-do long hair hairstyles. If you enjoyed this style guide, subscribe to our newsletter below for more just like it.

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