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5 Tips for Wearing & Styling Thin Hair With a Scrunchie

Fine hair and scrunchies are not always naturally compatible. Scrunchies don’t always grip as strong as a hair tie because of the fabric and hole, and this can lead to the scrunchie slipping.  When it comes to breakage, according to Long Island Beauty School and OGLE School, thin and fine hair, especially textured, is more likely to break.  Because breakage is more noticeable with thin hair, you’ll want to reduce friction which means silk scrunchies over cotton.

Even though silk slides, you don’t have to settle for other fabrics.  That’s where this guide comes in!  Below you’ll find five tips to help you wear scrunchies all day without having to worry about slipping or fixing your hair.  And best of all, you don’t have to settle for one fabric over another, it’s about choosing the right grips and styling methods.

Choose a No Slip Option

Some brands like TELETIES are innovative and produce new spins on classic hair accessories.  Scrunchies are no different.  Just like the signature hair ties that use a rubber stopper so people with fine hair can enjoy a slip-free style, the scrunchies have similar technology.

When you’re shopping for thin hair scrunchies, look for some form of stopper so the product can hold against your locks.  And you can tuck the stopper under your hair to hide the stopper for a seamless look.  

Twist the Scrunchie

Slippage can occur because there isn’t enough hair to fill the gap in the hole.  But don’t stress if the scrunchie you bought is too big, there’s an option, twist the scrunchie 180 degrees so it forms a figure 8, then fold it so it has two holes on top of one another.  Now feed your hair through both.  

It’s a trick that lifelong scrunchie wearers know, and one that is a life saver if you’re helping style your daughter’s hair for school.  

Use a Coil Hair Tie Underneath

Want a strong grip that doesn’t slip? Use a coil hair tie underneath the scrunchie to secure it to your thin hair.  You’ll be able to match the color of the scrunchie, or add a contrasting pop of color to add to your look.

As a bonus, coil hair ties are easier to expand and place so there’s less pulling and friction while you secure your hair.  And some brands of coil hair ties are less likely to crease your hair when you take them out.

Go Down a Size

Don’t be scared to downsize, and in this case it means going down one size.  It’s the same as a hair tie.  Your hair needs to provide enough thickness so the accessory can grip it and stay in place.  Fine hair is thinner, so you need a smaller hole for the reduced volume.

If you want more fabric showing for your look, buy the size you wanted and layer the smaller one underneath.  It is similar to the hair coil trick above, but adds more color and fabric from the scrunchie.

Bobby Pins

Sometimes you want less weight and less ties, cue the bobby pin!  Securing a scrunchie to your hair with a bobby pin is the perfect alternative.  But keep in mind if you’re changing your look to let your hair down, bobby pins are known for causing creases and ridges.  

Having thin or fine hair does not mean you have to miss out on scrunchies.  By using the style tips above you’ll be able to create your desired look without having to constantly adjust your hair throughout the day.  If you found this styling guide helpful, subscribe to our newsletter for more!

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