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How to do a Curly Hair Bun That Looks Fab!

Curly hair buns are stunning!  You get the texture of the curls, and the matching volume they provide. But unlike straight hair, curly hair buns can get messy fast.  And if your hair isn’t naturally curly, the friction and pulling can loosen your locks.  That’s why the tools and styling choices you make are important when it comes to creating this look.

Before we go into the steps to do a curly hair bun, check your hair’s health if your curls are not natural.  If you’re seeing split ends or breakage, you could have heat or chemical damage, and that will change the types of products you’ll want to use. 

And although you don’t need a curling iron for a hair bun, it is a good idea to not use heated tools until your hair is healthier and new growth has started.  Try treating your hair with an oil containing argan or coconut as these oils have a molecular structure that can penetrate shafts and help to reduce some of the damage.

Most important is to reduce the amount of friction with your styling tools.  A brush helps to clean debris like dandruff from your scalp while detangling your hair faster than a comb.  If you do use a comb, because it is easier when your hair is wet, switch to a wide tooth comb to reduce friction and pulling. 

The less times you need to go through your locks, the less friction and damage to the strands and your curls.  And the same thing goes with your hair ties.  Use a spiral hair tie over elastic as the coils can expand more easily, and the material grips equal in strength, but tends to have less friction on the curled strands.

Now let's go into doing a curly hair bun.  The process is simple and only takes a minute.  And once you get good at it, you can go advanced with curly hair space buns, chignons, and other more advanced curly bun hairstyles.

You will need:

  • Two hair ties (one small to hold your ponytail and one to secure the bun)
  • A brush or wide toothed comb
  • Detangling spray (optional)

To do a curly hair bun:

  1. Start by detangling your hair with a brush or wide toothed comb, and use a detangling spray if needed.
  2. Pull your hair back to where you want the bun to be:
    1. The nape of your neck for a chignon or low bun
    2. Use the crown for a high bun
    3. In the upper section of the back of your head for a standard style
    4. And part your hair into two sections for space buns at the top
  3. Optional: For a sleek curly hair bun, twist the strand like you would a normal hair bun, just don’t do it too tight as the goal of a curly hair bun is to show off the texture of your curls.
  4. Wrap your ponytail around its base to form the bun while letting your curls fall naturally into place for the signature messy look.
  5. With a spiral hair tie, secure the bun in place.
  6. Gently adjust any curls to shape the bun to your liking for a fuller appearance.

It’s that easy!  If you liked this six step style guide, subscribe to the TELETIMES blog below for more styling and hair nutrition tips.

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