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How to do a Side Part Bob + 7 Styling Ideas

Made famous in the 1920’s, and brought back in virtually every decade, the bob cut is one of the most popular hairstyles.  The side part bob made its way back to fame in the 1990’s and never left. For good reason too, it's chic, timeless, and able to be styled to match anyone’s personal taste.

If you’re looking to change up your short or medium length hair game, give a side part bob a chance. Here’s how to do it and 7 style inspiration ideas.

You will need:

  • A brush (optional if you don’t have a comb or want less friction than using a comb only).
  • A rat tail comb.
  • Hair mousse for volume (optional but preferred for fine and thin hair).
  • Hair spray (volumizing if you have fine or thin hair).

To do a standard side part bob:

  1. Have your hairdresser trim your hair to the desired length, they’ll know to trim the hair at the nape of your neck so the bob can tuck under more easily.
    1. You could do this yourself, but be careful as you’ll have to either use weave or wait for your hair to grow back if you mess up.
  2. With a brush or a comb, smooth out any tangles or knots.
  3. Add hair mousse for volume and to hold the shape of the bob you want.
    1. This is especially important if you have fine hair which tends to lay flat as a bob should have volume and a bit of depth.
    2. You can always use a volumizing hairspray after as well.
  4. Choose a side for the part and use the tip of a rat tail comb to section and part the longer side over your head.
  5. Brush or comb through your hair to smooth it out and create the desired shape on both sides of the part.
  6. Finish with the hair spray to hold the bob in place.
Now that you know the way to do a standard side part bob, here’s seven ways to morph, modify, and make this look your own.
  • With a curling iron, curl the bottom of the short side facing front and curl it under on the long side for a roaring vintage vibe.
  • Try adding waves to the long side for some flow and texture.
  • Add a swoop to the front over your forehead for an elegant appeal.
  • Curl part of the longer section in the front and let it drape over a portion of your face for a formal flare if you're attending an elegant event.
    • Or add a Brazilian layering effect for more texture.
  • Heading to a party?  Blunt side bobs are fun, fashionable, and frame your face so your entire look from head to heels takes center stage.
  • Add Birkin bangs for a fun fringe look perfect for school, work, or having fun with friends.
  • Go wavy for spring and summer. Waves add bounce and life to this look when you want something fun and energetic. And you can create heatless waves by using this guide.
Side part bobs are some of the most fun and versatile hairstyles for short and medium length hair. They're the perfect in between look when you’re growing your hair out. If you found this hairstyle guide helpful, subscribe below for more just like it!

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