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How to do a Twisted Low Bun Ponytail

The low bun can be styled with intricate weaves for a chignon bun, or done messy for a fast and comfy style when you’re in a rush or doing chores at home. But what happens when you want something that looks nice, can be done quickly, and has texture.  That’s where the twisted low bun ponytail comes in.

This style is about as easy as a standard low bun, but adds texture from the twisty ponytail you create before doing the bun.  And best of all it looks great like the chignon, but is faster and easier.  This style does require long hair, or medium-long hair to complete.  But good news, the type of hair you have, whether straight, wavy, fine, or thick doesn’t matter.  

You will need:

The steps to do a twisty low bun:

  1. Smooth your hair with the hair brush to remove tangles.
  2. Pull your hair back into a low ponytail and secure it with the large or medium hair tie.
  3. Split the ponytail into two equal strands so the twist is even.
  4. Take the two strands and begin twisting them individually so they become like ropes vs loose strands, but not so much that they coil.
  5. While you’re twisting, wrap them around each other in a circular motion so they form the twisted ponytail.
  6. Continue until you reach the base and secure it with a tiny hair tie.
  7. Now wrap the twisted ponytail around the base until it forms a bun, and secure it with the larger hair tie.

If you don’t want flyaways, or you prefer a bit of shine, spritz the twisty low bun with a finishing spray or light hairspray.  You can do this before you wrap the bun as well.

And that’s it!  You now have a new go-to hairstyle for long hair that looks great, is easy-to-do, has texture, and works for everyday activities.  Want more style tips like this?  Subscribe to the TELETIMES blog below.

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