Style a Twisted High Bun in 5 Easy Steps - TELETIES - TELETIES

Style a Twisted High Bun in 5 Easy Steps - TELETIES

Ready for a new spin on a classic updo style?  The twisted high-bun is for you!  This look works great in winter because you can hide it under a snow cap, then let your hair down for heatless-waves and curls.  And you’ll love it in summer because it is fast, easy-to-do, and keeps your hair off your shoulders so they can breathe.

Best of all it has more texture than a standard high-bun, and doesn’t take much extra effort.  So if you’re ready for a new go-to hairdo for medium to long hair, and all experience levels, here’s how to create the look.

You will need:

The steps to create a twisty high-bun:

  1. Smooth your hair with a brush to remove knots and tangles.
  2. Pull it back to a high ponytail and secure your hair with the small  or large hair tie.
  3. Split the ponytail into two strands and begin twisting them so they form a rope but don’t coil.
  4. As you twist the rope shapes, begin wrapping them around one another for the twisty texture, same as creating a twisty ponytail.
  5. Secure the base of the twisty ponytail with the tiny hair tie and then wrap the ponytail into a hair bun around the base and secure it with the other large or small hair tie.

If you want to prevent flyaways, or add some shine, use a finishing spray.  

And that’s it!  This spin on a classic comfy updo is easy to do and looks fab.  Did you enjoy this post?  Become a TELETIMES subscriber by entering your email below for more style guides just like it.

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