21 Simple Yet Genius Hair Clip Life Hacks

21 Simple Yet Genius Hair Clip Life Hacks

Whether you're a busy mom, a college student, or just looking for clever ways to simplify your life, hair clips can help!  While hair clips are great for securing your hair, they can be used for so much more.  

From fashion hacks to organizational tricks, below you’ll find 21+ hair clip life hacks that will change the way you think about them, and show you how your favorite fashion accessory can help you with “hairy” situations!

Let's "clip" to it!

  1. Clipping sponges to the side of your sink allows more air circulation and evaporation so they can dry more quickly.
  2. Keep nail polish from getting on your skin while painting your nails by using a small hair clip on your fingertip to pull back your skin.
  3. Trash bags can be kept in place by placing a hair clip on each side of your wastebasket.  
  4. Display your photos on your desk by attaching a hair clip to the bottom of your image.
  5. Clip your wired earbuds to your clothes when you take them out of your ears to stop losing them.  This is perfect for the gym!
  6. Secure your scarf in place with a trendy hair clip:
    1. To create a bow: Fold a scarf into a strip, wrap it around the back of your head, and tie it in a bow at the front. Secure the bow with a hair clip.
    2. To create a bandana: Fold the scarf into a triangle, place it on the top of your head with the pointed end at the back, and tie the two ends at the front into a knot. Secure the knot with a hair clip to keep it in place.
  7. Looking to keep your rolled up sleeves in place?  Use a clip to secure the roll!
  8. Bags of snacks, chips, and cereal can be kept fresh with a clip by reducing the amount of air and moisture entering the bag. 
  9. Turn your razor blade into a safer travel-razor by opening your hair clip, placing the blade of your razor inside the clip, and then closing the hair clip to securely hold the razor blade in place.
  10. Makeshift money holders by folding bills and placing the creased side of the fold in the clip are a perfect life hack.  It comes in handy at a club, the gym, or even when traveling.   
  11. A few hair clips can keep your outdoor tablecloth firmly attached to a table on a windy day.
  12. Clip bags of food to the wire racks in your fridge/freezer (if you have them) to save room.
  13. Prevent your cooking spoons from making a mess on your counter by using a hair clip as a makeshift spoon rest.
  14. Hold your recipes up while cooking by clipping them to your cabinet door, door pull, or drawers, so that the paper doesn’t get splashed on.  
  15. Make sure that your toothpaste dispenses more easily by rolling up the finished part and holding it with a hair clip.
  16. Attach your sunglasses to your car visor using a large hair clip, and easily retrieve them whenever you need them.
  17. Mark your place in the book you're reading by clipping a hair clip over the page when you're finished.
  18. Fasten papers together with a tiny hair clip if you can’t find a stapler.
  19. Turn a hardcover book or sturdy cardboard into a clipboard using a hair clip to hold it together.
  20. Use a hair clip to reach those hard-to-get places, like the small gap between your car seat and the center console.
  21. Clip the cords and wires behind your TV together to keep them tidy and organized.  

Once you try some of these hair clip hacks, you’ll never look at hair accessories the same way again!  Have your own favorite hair clip life hack?  Share it in the comments below!

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