7 Easy-to-Do Claw Clip Hairstyles

7 Easy-to-Do Claw Clip Hairstyles

Claw clip hairstyles aren’t trending because they’re currently hot, it’s because they’re easy to do and they look great!  Unlike a hair tie which adds a pop of color and holds your hair in place, a claw clip is part of your outfit.  

The hair clip is visible in most styles and you can choose from solid colors to animal prints, or seasonal patterns to carry the color palette through your look from head to toe.

But before you begin doing claw clip hairstyles, it’s important to know what to look for in the clip itself based on your hair type and how it will be used.  If the clip is the main support of your hairdo, it has to be able to grip your hair vs. the clip being used as an accessory and only needing to stay in place.

  • If you have thin or fine hair, or you’ll be out dancing or moving at a festival or the gym, make sure the clip has multiple rows of teeth.  The extra rows provide extra grip to hold the accessory in place.
  • If your hair is thick and it causes your clips to break faster, look for options with bendable teeth, wings, and where the springs are protected.  These are features that keep the clip from breaking as quickly, and can bend to meet the tension thick hair puts on it.
  • The design is also important.  Many of us go for hollow hair clips to show off our natural hair instead of the fully filled in classic.  Don’t be afraid to use the filled in style and let the color of the clip carry the color of your look from hair to clothes to shoes. And the size matters too.  A flat clip can add color if your hair feeds through and it is hollow without too much dimension, while a large banana clip can be covered to keep a ponytail extended and add a ton of volume. 

Here’s our favorite easy-to-do claw clip hairstyles. 

A Classic Ponytail

The ponytail is the easiest and fastest claw clip hairstyle to create.  It only takes a few seconds and works with most types of hair.  And if you want it wavy or curly, use this 3-step guide to creating heatless curls overnight. You will need a hair tie to create this look.

  1. Brush your hair out with a brush or your fingers, depending on how smooth you want the ponytail.
  2. Position the base of the ponytail where you want it to go, then secure it in place with the hair tie.
  3. Optional step: If you want the ponytail to come through the top, carefully wrap your hair around your fingers to create an oval shaped ball of hair that the claw clip can grip leaving enough hair for your ponytail to come out over the top.
  4. Place the claw clip over the ball of hair if going upwards, and secure it over the base of the ponytail with the wings outwards or underneath depending on your preference, and style the ponytail.

You can do a full ponytail, leave it half-up half-down, and do a high, mid or low pony.  It’s all up to you!

Claw Clip French (and Curl) Twists

The second easiest and fastest look to create is the French twist.  It’s stylish, classic, and perfect to carry you all day from class and work, to happy hour and play.  This is probably the most popular claw clip hairstyle because of its versatility and it always looks amazing, especially with hollow versions. 

The open sides let your look have the pop of color to match your outfit, while showing the twist of hair keeping a natural look and feel to your style.  And best of all, you don’t need any tools to do a claw clip french twist.

  1. Brush your hair out with your fingers and pull it back, leaving your bangs in front if you want them.
  2. Smooth the hair on your head down so that it lays flat against your scalp and gather it towards the middle of the back of your head.
  3. Hold the base with one hand (don’t use a hair tie because you won’t be able to remove it) and gently twist your hair with the other.
  4. Lift the twisted ponytail up towards the top of your head and then pull out or fan the lowest twists to cover the actual ponytail for a smooth and sleek look.
  5. Now clip it into place so the hair clip covers the entire wrap, or the mid-section depending on your personal preference.
  6. If there is extra hair on top, twist it into a neat little knot and secure it by looping the tips into the twist, or style it however you see fit.

Here’s what it can look like with #TELETRIBE member Paige Bryant

And if you have curly hair, you don’t have to miss out on this look!  All twist styles look great with a claw clip!

Double Clip Looks (Pom Poms, Space Buns and Half-up Half-down Ponytails)

One of the most fun summer and party styles is the double pom pom or the space buns, and they become even better with symmetrical hair clips that match your hairstyle or outfit in the back.  Because your hair is pulled tight up top, the teeth of the claw clips can hold tight and the patterns keep the color scheme of your outfit flowing from head to toe. 

And if you don't like your hair pulled high, you can always keep the fun vibe going with a double clip look where the clips add texture by creating two ponytails.  The ponytails lift your hair at the top and add depth to the lower portion of your hair.  You can also braid them if you want some serious definition.

two hair clip hairstyle

The Half-up Mermaid

If you’re going to a festival or the beach, this is a classic and subtle style that always “creates a splash”.  But as its name applies, it works best with a shell shaped or patterned accessory.  Although it can be done with straight hair, much like a mermaid, you’ll want “depth” and volume to “make waves” so you’ll want to curl your hair first.

  1. Start by making your hair wavy or adding loose curls.
  2. Pull your hair back while leaving strands to the side if you’d like to shape your face.
  3. Take a section of hair on the left and right side of your head and pull them over the middle in the back.
  4. There are two options here, one for extra depth, and one if you have enough.
    1. Depth - Wrap the two strands together around your index and middle finger to create a ball of hair and make sure the remaining locks hang downwards if you want it to blend in with the lower portion.
    2. No extra depth - Take your hair and gently twist it a few times where the two sections meet so the clip has something to grip.
  5. Take your shell themed clip and secure the two sections in place.
  6. Feed the remaining hair through the bottom and blend it with the lower locks.

mermaid hair clip hairstyle

Voluminous Vintage Ponytail

This is a timeless style that matches perfectly with looks from the 60’s and 70’s, which also makes them perfect for music festivals, hanging out with friends, or a casual brunch.  Just because it is vintage does not mean it isn’t trendy.  The style adds volume to your hair and extra depth, and you can use modern prints with your clip.  

You will need a tiny or small hair tie to create this look.

  1. Pull your hair back into a ponytail leaving the lower portion hanging down like a traditional half-up half-down hairstyle.  
  2. Pull the top section of your hair (the middle and sides) backwards and create a ponytail around the upper-mid section of the back of your head and secure the upper section with your hair tie.  It’s going to need to hold strong..
    1. Make sure to leave a bit of room (maybe a half to a full inch) between your head and the hair tie. 
  3. Tease your hair through the hair tie a bit and create a hole in your hair between the tie and your head.
  4. Now take the remaining hair and loop it through the hold through the bottom and out the back so it goes over top of the hair tie and loosen up any tight hair around the crown of your head since you want your style to be comfy to wear.
  5. The hole should be showing now above the pony tail you created, and this is enough hair for a clip to grasp and hold.  Simply close the hold by placing your favorite claw clip over it and your voluminous vintage claw clip ponytail is ready to go!

Bonus tip: If you want even more volume, lift your ponytail up over the hole and then secure it with the claw clip and then lawyer your ponytail over the clip.  Now you add dimension because the clip is holding your hair up, and pushing it out even further for more of a bounce and depth.

Side Braid Crown

If you’re ready to look like royalty, you cannot go wrong with the side braided crown.  It’s like the mermaid style above, except you tie the side sections into braids before you connect them and clip them into place.  The added benefit here is that the braids provide more grip for the teeth of the clip making it easier to hold.

Since you already have the steps to create this do, here’s some ideas to make it uniquely you!

  • Use butterfly clips along the braid in a color pattern.
  • Add weave to each side of the braids to keep the color theme flowing from the front of your head to the clip, and throughout your style.  You could try a clip in weave extension with a barrette that matches the clip in front, and have different colors in the braids to go with a pattern or alternating clothing scheme.
  • Adorned hair and bobby pins are perfect to slide into the braid to make this look seasonal. Try snowflakes for formal events in winter, cherries in spring, or anything else that makes you feel like a queen. 

Claw Clip Bubble Braids

Ready for a fun twist on a colorful style?  Then get ready for the claw clip bubble braid!  Click here to learn how to do a bubble braid, and then look below to find ways to make it unique with claw clips.

  • Use a claw clip to add volume by following the ponytail instructions above.
  • Use tiny claw clips with adornments like butterflies, snowflakes, or flowers (depending on the season) over the hair ties, or over every other hair tie to add some adornments to the look.
  • By adding a large claw clip at the top with weave, you can add a streak of color to the bubble braid.
    • And if the wings on the large clip have a pattern or shape, use smaller versions or a theme throughout the bubbles.
    • If you have a flower at the top, use different flowers going down and a pollinator like a butterfly at the bottom.  Or use a hair clip with a bee at the top and flowers going through the braid.  Your only limit here is your imagination, so enjoy.

Claw clip hairstyles are always going to be in.  They add volume, are fast and easy to create, and fun to wear.  If you have a favorite look you enjoy styling, share it in the comments below or post it using your TELETIES on social media using hashtag TELETRIBE.

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