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The Good & Bad Hair Fragrance Spray Ingredients

Yes, fragrance sprays that contain ingredients like alcohol can be bad for hair if you overuse them since they can dry out hair and even cause hormone issues inside your body. And if you’re allergic to them, they can cause hair loss from what doctors call “contact dermatitis.” Fortunately, many fragrance sprays and hair mists won’t harm your hair if you use them sparingly and take steps to minimize the damage.

Alcohol is one of the five most commonly used ingredients in fragrance sprays (not just hair) and it strips your hair of the natural lubricant called sebum. This dries out your hair and makes it easier to break off or to get split ends, which you can’t fix or repair.

If your hair dries out easily, look around for a fragrance spray with an oil base, specifically coconut oil or argan oil, which can each penetrate the hair shaft to keep it moisturized. Also, when you put your hair up after using a fragrant spray, use lower friction products like spiral hair ties over elastic or silk scrunchies over cotton. The reduced friction and pulling when compared to elastic hair ties may help to reduce excess breakage.

Silicone is another common ingredient in fragrance sprays that manufacturers add to help prevent dryness from alcohols. Silicones aren’t bad for your hair, but using them too often can cause scalp buildup, trapping bacteria and fungi that can cause dandruff, and even hair loss from conditions like seborrheic dermatitis. But as long as you wash your hair at the right frequency, you won’t have to worry about this.

Fragrance sprays can also include a type of ingredient called phthalates, one of the most common of which is diethyl phthalate. The FDA says phthalates are perfectly safe, but studies like this one have linked their regular and frequent use to hormone irregularities, and some hormone issues can cause hair loss according to this study published on research gate.

Many products will tell you if they’re phthalate free, but be extra careful if you use fragrance sprays frequently since phthalates might not be on the label if they’re part of the “fragrance” ingredient that is listed.

Fragrance sprays are safe for healthy hair if used as instructed, and you now know which ingredients to avoid or choose if you have an option. Did you find this guide helpful? Enter your email below and we’ll send you more just like it.

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